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Top Seven… Movie Characters Called Jack

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Tom Cruise is back. And this time he’s Jack Reacher. Yeah, you know, that really tall guy who kicks ass? Uh… yeah. Well, size isn’t everything. We are big fans of The Cruiser at Ross v Ross (well, one of us two Rosses is), so we’ll happily watch him in anything. We’re looking forward to his upcoming sci-fi outing, Oblivion, too, in which he plays another Jack, a good three decades after playing a Jack in Ridley Scott’s Timotei advert cum epic fantasy, Legend. But what is it about characters called Jack? And who are the best Jacks in the movies? Let’s find out… Continue reading


Top Five… Axe Scenes

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Snow White’s Huntsman has got a shedload and the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (yep, that is the name of a film) is a dab hand at wielding one – axes are the new swords, apparently. But these five were swinging hatchets before it became fashionable, as Ross McD illustrates. Continue reading

Batman v The Dark Knight

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Let me tell you about these guys I know. Ross McD and Ross McG. Mean kids. Bad seeds. Hurt people. Do you like them already? Well, you have to decide which one you like more. click HERE or the picture above to read this bat-tle at Metro Film Fight Club. Continue reading

Top Five… Jack Nicholson Oscar-nominated performances

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Jack is the daddy of the Oscars. No man has been nominated more than him. He’s been nominated 12 times, has won three, has been criminally overlooked a few times (The Shining, Batman, The Departed) and believe it or not has even appeared in some crap (Anger Management). It was a tough job picking his five best, but someone’s gotta do it… Continue reading

The Shining v The Thing

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Border shining

They both hate snow. They both hate shaving. They both hate the fact that their respective film titles are not very frightening. They both hate each other – and they’re about to go head to head. Read the arguments and decide which one is scarier. Heeere’s… JOHNNY!! And Ross McG. Oh, and Ross McD as well. Continue reading

Goodfellas v The Departed

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borderscorAs far back as we can remember, we’ve always wanted to do a Martin Scorsese movie battle. Swearing, shouting, shooting and Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones – it’s all here. Read the mother****ing arguments and decide. Warning: this battle may contain some bad language. You think that intro’s funny? Funny how?! Continue reading

Top Five… movie injuries

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ash-borderBeing a hero is a dangerous business. Someone might cut off your nose to spite your face, or you might saw off your own hand because it’s possessed. It’s tough out there. Continue reading

12 Angry Men v A Few Good Men

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Courtroom dramas. They happen in courtrooms and they are dramatic. In Court 1, a teenager stands accused of killing his father, while over in Court 2, two marines are charged with the murder of a third (a colleague, not the fraction). So how many men must a road walk down before he becomes a road? 12 angry ones? A few good ones? Read the arguments and decide. Can you handle the truth? Continue reading