Choose your Battles

What movie battles do you want to read about? Send us your dream film face-offs – we will choose the ones that take our fancy, write them up and get them on the site. So if you and your friends have always argued that The Little Mermaid is way better than Big Trouble In Little China, now is your chance to settle it once and for all. Just put your suggestions in the comment box below and we will go to work.

Jack, you're wasting your time on the phone. Just fill in our reply box below

‘I’d like to ask for Taxi Driver v Driving Miss Daisy’


48 Responses to “Choose your Battles”

  1. Waynes World vs Bill and Ted

    Trading Places vs Brewsters Millions

  2. My Cousin Vinnie vs. Kramer vs Kramer

  3. ChickFlicklvr Says:

    Dirty Dancing v Pretty Woman

  4. One of my top 5 movies v one of your top 100 Mr. McD…

    ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian’ Vs ‘Dogma’

    Love the site by the way, well done!

  5. Pretty Woman vs Pretty in Pink

  6. Boyz ‘n da’ Hood vs City of God

  7. A few of my top ones…

    Fight Club v Kill Bill

    Shawshank Redemption v Se7en

    Goodfellas v The Departed

    The Prestige v The Illusionist

    Great job with the site..

  8. Captain Ken Says:

    Iron Man v Hellboy 2

    The two best superhero movies of last year not named Dark Knight!

  9. David Coyle Says:

    Id love to see “Animal House” Vs “The Goonies”

    Site is quality.

  10. Deep Impact vs Armageddon

  11. Rosss’ (plural)

    Please can you fix it for me to see the following battle:

    Princess Bride vs Willow

    – mythical, fairytale bullsh!t…..but funny as…

    ‘My name is inegio montoya (???)…you killed my father now prepare to die’
    Andre the giant….RIP

    Love it.

  12. Anchorman v Dodgeball

  13. Quantum of Solace vs every other Bond film…

  14. How about a few of these great classics (1,2 and 4 anyway) Rosss’

    Id be interested to see how they fare out

    1)The Great Escape v Escape to Victory
    2)Band of Brothers v Saving Private Ryan
    3)The Guardian v The Perfect Storm
    4)The Guns of Navarone v The Dirty Dozen

  15. love, honour and obey (underrated classic!! denise van outen and a cucumber ..what can you say really!!) v green street

  16. The Glamazon Says:

    This site needs some disney classics…….Lion King v Monsters Inc?
    Beauty and the Beast v Finding Nemo?

    Real Disney v New Disney anyway

  17. General Griervous Says:

    How about Save the Last Dance Vs Step Up
    or Planet Terror Vs Zombie Strippers
    or even Memento Vs Chinatown “battle of the noirs!”
    or what about Never Back Down Vs Step Up 2 (Wait a minute, aren’t they the same movie)

  18. Senator Medoza Says:

    Robocop vs The Elephant Man

    …You know it makes sense.

  19. wordsworthless Says:

    Capote vs Infamous
    American Beauty vs Election
    Platoon vs Apocalypse Now

  20. Big Lebowski vs Kingpin (two of the best bowling movies ever made!!)
    Sin City vs Pulp Fiction
    Constantine vs Sixth Sense
    Little Miss Sunshine vs Thelma and Louise
    The Omen vs Rosemary’s Baby
    Saturday Night Fever vs Rocky Horror Picture Show

  21. The Dirty Dozen Vs Heartbreak Ridge (expand you vocab – “cluster f*ck”)

    Rossi McG – I’m still reeling from the shock of not seeing Laurence of Arabia in your top 100 when the the likes of Office Space makes it in. Just read Dilbert in 7 seconds for a couple of days in a row and dont go watching 90 minute movies about work / the office

    Tell me you still remember my stunt double roll under a closing store shutter a la the best looking man ever in the best ever adventure flick ever…..!!!

    Great site lads. Laughed out loud so much tonight

  22. Ocean’s 11 vs Ocean’s 12 vs Ocean’s 13 vs….hmmm, was there another?

  23. Its gotta be Goodfellas v the Godfather!!!!

    Perhaps Predator v Alien (wonder where the idea for that came from?)

    Batman(T.Burton) v Spiderman

    Batman(T.Burton) v Dark Knight

    American Pie v Ross’s Ma

  24. gotta be…..

    con air v under siege


    bourne identity versus the other two – the same film three times, basically

    or (one for mcd)

    strictly ballroom v moulin rouge

  25. Dickie Rock Says:

    You just gotta have a showdown between the two most intelligent marine-based movies ever made…..

    Splash, Too vs Jaws 3D

    And spit on me Dickie, did I mention my greatest hits album is on sale now from all good record shops and Celtic Note?

  26. Taken vs Commando

    This was debated in the office today.

  27. keegobob Says:

    theres only one battle thats been raging for years now

    high school musical vs bowling for columbine

  28. keegobob Says:

    lord of the rings vs lord of the flies

  29. keegobob Says:

    little miss sunshine vs the exorcist

  30. Slumdog Millionaire vs Gran Torino

  31. Godfather vs Goodfellas

  32. Black Hawk Down v. The Kingdom

    Che (Part 1) v. Michael Collins

    Pulp Fiction v. Snatch

  33. keegobob Says:

    Hey, heres a good one!!

    gladiator vs troy

    personally i thought gladiator was good but lacked a bit of comic relief, whereas i could’nt stop laughing at troy, especially pitt trying to copy off crowe as being a macho warrior hard ass, you could tell he really fancied himself as achillies but i thought he was just a fairy

    what do ye think lads? let battle commence!

  34. Dickie Rock Says:

    How’s about National Velvet v Blue Velvet

    or if that doesn’t tickle your giblets…………….

    Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol v Assault on Precinct 13

  35. Captain Ken Says:

    Dark Crystal -v- Labyrinth

    I’ve lost track of the amount of people who’ve tried to convince me that Labyrinth is better but they’re all idiots as far as i’m concerned!

  36. Dónal McD Says:

    Cheech and Chong, up in smoke V’s Whitnail & I……..please discuss….sober!!!

  37. Dónal McD Says:

    Enemy Mine V’s The last start fighter……..

    My girlfriends sister tells me this may stimulate some healthy heated debate!!!!!

  38. Dazed and Confused v. Half Baked

    I did something similar a while back with The Matrix, Truman Show, and Stranger Than Fiction.

  39. By the way, I second KEEGOBOB’s selection of Gladiator v. Troy

  40. Dickie Rock Says:

    My ould mate Big Tom (he of Big Tom and the Mainliners fame) wants to know when you’re going to review Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle. He’d like to see Angela Lansbury take on Estelle Getty in that 1992 cult classic Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

  41. Requiem for a dream VS Trainspotting

  42. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    If you ever venture into actors duking it out … how about Clark Gable vs. George Clooney?

  43. Dickie Rock Says:

    4 months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days v 9½ Weeks. Discuss.

  44. Stacey Mc Dermott Says:

    hangover vs Knocked up

  45. Stacey Mc Dermott Says:

    Dumb and Dumber vs Cableguy

  46. Highlander vs Flash Gordon (for the Queen soundtracks)
    Bad Santa vs Elf
    Failsafe vs Failsafe (original vs remake)

  47. Dog Day Afternoon vs The Inside Man

  48. Al Katraz Says:

    Twilight v Harry Potter

    Just writing that so I can show you this:

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