The Silence Of The Lambs v Se7en

border-se7en1Two super serial killer thriller chillers. Two of the great movie monsters. Two terrible titles. Pour yourself a nice Chianti, read the arguments and decide. Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


11 Responses to “The Silence Of The Lambs v Se7en”

  1. John Doe is certainly the more evil villain, I believe…I also think Seven is more chilling and terrifying. Dr. Lecter is brilliant of course, and has much more pizazz, charm and personality. I’d go with Seven and John Doe as more sinister.

  2. Ross McD…I am with you sir!

    Both great thrillers and each boasts a fantastically maniacal baddie but Hannibal wins. He is a focal point of the story, unlike Spacey’s third act reveal, and Anthony Hopkins delivers one of the finest performances of his career.

  3. Se7en is the better film and Spacey is arguably more frightening.

  4. Oddly, I’m with McG on this one. I wouldn’t call Hannibal a T-shirt but Lambs appeal has always been lost on me. I also hate seeing Hannibal on greatest villian lists… he’s in jail the whole movie!
    Seven, I prefer the letter title, on the other hand is dark and great from top to bum. Pretty perfect even with Pitt trying his best to act tears while yelling at a box!

  5. Silence of the Lambs beats all. Anthony Hopkins in one of the greatest performances of the 90’s, and maybe of acting, of all-time.

  6. Seven is a great film and far outruns Silence of the Lambs.

    Hopkins is one of the finest actors around but Lecter is a real low point on a brilliantly hammy C.V. and the film’s fatal flaw (along with the god awful Hammer Horror design of his lodgings). Manhunter had the sense to realise that the story’s momentum lay in the procedural police work and that Lektor was a part but not all of that.

    Seven’s genius is that it shows the legwork and uses that to accentuate John Doe’s control of the situation.

  7. Agree with Kai, never really understood the fascination with Lambs. Have to go with McG and Se7en on this one. Fincher’s masterpiece imo 🙂

  8. I’m with McD on this one. Se7en is just too formulaic and build itself too much around the high concept. Silence of the Lambs is far more edgier because you don’t know where it’s going to go or how it’s going to all fit together, and I had even seen the ending before I watched the film.

  9. Am I the only one imagining a “Hannibal v. Doe” spinoff in the style of “Freddie v. Jason”?

  10. Se7en all they way for me, Love that film. I know its very structured, but I like that I know thats all the fright im going to get!

  11. Now THIS is a battle. Jesus…might have to go with Seven if only because it kept me awake at night for a week straight after seeing it on TV no less. Really hard vote though.

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