Vertigo v Rear Window

vertigorearwindowHis movies are so good, he has an adjective named after him. But which of these Alfred Hitchcock classics leaves you on edge? Read the arguments and decide. Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


2 Responses to “Vertigo v Rear Window”

  1. Ouch…it seems almost unfair to make a decision. As Rear Windows remains my favourite Hitchcock film I’d have to say it wins and therefore I agree with McD! Yes, Rear Window is an hour and a half of technical ingenuity but what great ingenuity it is! I also love Rear Window’s enclosed space and the fact it is all shot from the perspective of Jimmy Stewart’s window (apart from a couple of scenes if I remember correctly).

  2. Rear Window. What the fuck even happened in Vertigo?

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