3.10 to Yuma v Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

CHOOO CHOOO!!! All aboard the Ross v Ross express… That’s right, this battle from Ross McD and Ross McG makes almost no sense whatsoever, except that one of these films has a train in it most of the way through, while the other has a train in it right at the end. Take your seat, have your tickets ready and enjoy the ride. Click HERE or on the Pic above to read this battle…


3 Responses to “3.10 to Yuma v Under Siege 2: Dark Territory”

  1. Ace article. I’m all about 3:10 in this fight. Crowe AND Bale on the same screen bouncing off each other is just amazing to watch. Also think it’s a pretty sweet re-make, given the standard these days.

  2. Was a little surprised how much I enjoyed, and how good, 3:10 to Yuma was. It beats the poor Under Siege sequel any day.

  3. Yuma all the way. No Ben Foster in Under Siege.

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