Top Five… Worst Leo deaths

Ever notice how Leo always gets the rough end of the stick in his films? Let’s hear what Ross McD has to say about it on Phantom. Spoilers – and terrible accents – await…


9 Responses to “Top Five… Worst Leo deaths”

  1. Top stuff…I like the attempt at the South African accent. His death in The Departed is perfect…completely unexpected and it occurs in possibly the worst possible (and most graphic) way.

  2. Ahah great Top 5, you should have done that entire video with that South African accent.

  3. Thank you my min. And I’ll tell you what my min, were gonna have a regular phantom top 5 every week here on rvr from now on. My min.

  4. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    You forgot to call us “bru.” More authentic that way.

  5. I had noticed this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him live through a movie.

    I always laugh at “I’ll never let go Jack” because she instantly does. And there is more than enough space for two on that door.

    I’ve only seen The Beach once, when I was too young to really get it, but even then I thought it was quite a cool movie. The gameboy bit though did put me in hysterics for most of the rest of the film though. I hope he doesn’t run like that in real life.

  6. @ Katie…Catch Me If You Can, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road are three but as a less than casual Leo fan it’s all I’ve got.

    Great list Ross and I agree, the “bru” would have been a nice addition to your act:) I really liked Blood Diamond and was the only Leo film I didn’t mind him…and actually he was quite impressive too.

  7. Haha way to ruin 3 movies Marc.
    Does Leo use ‘bru’ in blood diamond?

  8. Oh yeah, Catch me if you can….I haven’t seen the other two. Cheers for that! 😛

  9. Catch Me If You Can and Gilbert Grape are his two best movies by a mile. Doesn’t die in either though, which is unfortunate, I guess.

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