Ross McG’s Top 100

1. The Sting – Newman and Redford in a film that makes you smile and makes you laugh

2. LA Confidential – stunningly good, its like eating a Cadbuy’s Twirl, it tastes as good as the first time every time you eat it

3. Raiders Of The Lost Ark – the best looking man ever in the best adventure film ever. Perfect

4. The Empire Strikes Back – the best looking man ever in the best space adventure film ever

5. All The President’s Men – two guys making phone calls for two hours, and yet it still manages to be brilliant

6. The Wizard Of Oz – can you imagine what it was like seeing this in 1939? What a super film

7. Jaws – Scheider may have chummed, but he made this son of a bitch smile

8. Wayne’s World – if Benjamin were an ice-cream flavour, he’d be pralines… and dick

9. Mission Impossible – Jon Voigt is the bad guy! who would have thought it?!

10. Robin Hood – the Disney version that is, the best damn cartoon ever made.  Man, Maid Marian was a fox

11. Batman – filled with great quotes. You ain’t got no future, Jack, you’re an A1 nutboy

12. Office Space – I’m gonna have to go ahead and ask you to watch the best film about work ever

13. Magnolia – the Cruiser’s finest hour, robbed of an Oscar by Michael Caine doing a bad accent in some film about cider and rules

14. Midnight Run – De Niro’s best film, and eh, Charles Grodin’s too

15. ET – if you don’t cry at this you are heartless…

16. The Big Lebowski – this is a great film. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? No, I’m just an asshole

17. The Goonies – great opening sequence, great movie

18. The Commitments – Meaney means business

19. Rain Man – it’s hard sometimes to get over how good the Cruiser is in this. He’s the glue of the film, even if Hoffman’s role is showier

20. Point Break – Reeves and Swayze in a surfing movie… man it sounds like rubbish. And if you have a brain, you probably think it is

21. Uncle Buck – the big man’s best work, he never won an Oscar, but he won the hearts of millions

22. The Usual Suspects – Stephen Baldwin is a dick and a terrible actor, but he’s great in this

23. The Dark Knight – now there’s a Batman. A really dark one

24. The Bourne Supremacy – best action film with Matt Damon making a toaster into a bomb ever

25. School Of Rock – if you want to smile, put this on

26. The Man With Two Brains – Martin at his best

27. Zodiac – just a brilliant, brilliant film

28. South Park: The Movie – laugh until you cry. Then cry until you laugh

29. A Few Good Men – Cruise. Nicholson. Sutherland. Bacon. If this had Gene Hackman in it it would be the best film ever made

30. Back To The Future – J Fox rocks

31. Jurassic Park – what you got in there, loads of dinosaurs that are gonna eat us?

32. The French Connection – Hackman and Scheider, what more do you need?

33. Toy Story – the only movie on my list with Tim Allen in it

34. Con Air – some studio hotshot needs to get Meaney and Cusack back together in a film again

35. Die Hard – in its way, as revolutionary as Citizen Kane – changed films for ever

36. The Verdict – Newman’s finest performance, a great courtroom drama, even better than Class Action with Hackman and Mastrantonio

37. Annie Hall – the only Woody Allen film anyone really needs to watch

38. Casablanca – if they released this now it would still be ahead of its time

39. Citizen Kane – everyone says its great, but that’s because it is

40. Grosse Pointe Blank – Cusack is cool – on this list just for using Live And Let Die by Guns ‘N’ Roses

41. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – heartbreaking and uplifting at exactly the same time

42. Finding Nemo – Ellen DeGeneres is funny in this. That is how good it is

43. Alien – beautiful and scary, a bit like its star

44. Gladiator – at my signal, sit down and watch Crowe kick ass

45. Gremlins – one of those films from childhood that still stands up, scary and funny, never wanted to go the local swimming pool again after seeing this

46. High Fidelity – only one man ever got away with talking to the camera. His name is John Cusack

47. All About Eve – possibly the best script ever written

48. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Caine v Martin – this is just great fun, perfect Sunday lunchtime viewing

49. Spiderman 2 – nevermind the action bits, the stuff in between makes this a great movie

50. Blazing Saddles – ‘food makes me sick’

51. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan – Shats entertainment

52. Se7en – Morgan Freeman goes to the library. And that’s about it. Still brilliant, though

53. Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events – a fantastic treat with Carrey on top form

54. Heat – ‘brother I will not hesitate for a second… you are going down’ – what great fun this nonsense is

55. The Shining – all work and no play makes Jack a very scary boy

56. Sneakers – fun, fun and more fun, Redford and Ackroyd… together at last

57. Cool Runnings – Candy can do. No wrong

58. Spy Game – Tony Scott made Days Of Thunder, but in fairness, he also made this

59. The Fellowship Of The Ring – much like the French Connection, this is just one big chase movie, only with Sean Bean turning evil – what a shock

60. The Descent – scariest thing I’ve ever seen at the cinema, although I’m a bit of a wuss

61. GoldenEye – ‘for England, James?’ – ‘Shut up, 006, you traitor’

62. BASEketball – the film Dodgeball tried (and almost managed) to be

63. The Hustler – uplifting and incredibly sad – Newman is a legend

64. The Insider – Pacino shouts at Plummer while Crowe gives the performance of his life

65. The Last Of The Mohicans – the greatest end sequence

66. Wayne’s World 2 – this film has Aerosmith and Charlton Heston in it

67. Raising Arizona – Nicolas Cage wasn’t always a hack

68. Poltergeist – Craig T Nelson is da bomb

69. Scrooged – Bill Murray’s finest hour

70. Spartacus – what a great film this is, way ahead of its time, Kirk Douglas took no guff

71. Big – Hanks, everyone loves him

72. Speed – Reeves can’t act, neither can Hopper and Jeff Daniels gets killed. Yet I still love this, great fun

73. Loaded Weapon 1 – William Shatner. Tim Curry. Emilio Estevez. Charlie Sheen – how could this be anything other than brilliant

74. Dirty Harry – I think it is fair to call him a renegade cop

75. Dumb and Dumber – always bring two pairs of gloves to the Rockies

76. Road House – Swayze kills a man with his bare hands. Why he didnt get an Oscar nod for this is anyone’s guess

77. Witness – Ford at his finest

78. Ringu – the scariest thing I have ever seen

79. The Nightmare Before Christmas – great songs, great animation, great film

80. The Lost Boys – the best film about vampires ever

81. Dazed And Confused – Matthew McConaghey’s finest movie

82. Cop Land – Jersey sucks. Keitel tries to act. Stallone unbelievably does. De Niro shouts

83. Some Kind of Monster – Metallica documentary that makes you laugh every time

84. Dirty Dancing – I would carry a watermelon for the Swayze any day

85. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – the bunniest movie ever

86. Clue – the worst board game turned into a great comedy caper. Tim Curry is a legend

87. JFK – no one plays the honourable good guy like Kevin Costner

88. The Great Outdoors – Candy and Aykroyd…  A bit like Jimmy Greaves playing up front with Geoff Hurst

89. Aliens – Weaver kicks ass

90. Amélie – this makes me cry

91. Beetlejuice – this movie’s got Arec Bawldwin. And a great ending

92. Wall.E – beautiful, absolutely beautiful

93. Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves – Brian Blessed and Christian Slater in one film. Great fun

94. Little Shop Of Horrors – remember when Steve was funny?

95. The Negotiator – Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey shout at each other. Lots

96. Blades Of Glory – Ferrell’s finest

97. Batman Begins – Christian Bales out the franchise

98. The Departed – great accents. Lots of shouting. Super

99. Trading Places – Two words. Clarence Beeks

100. The Thing – Kurt Russell, we salute you

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16 Responses to “Ross McG’s Top 100”

  1. “A bit like Jimmy Greaves playing up front with Geoff Hurst” – but which one’s which? Could have some fun with footie metaphors will some of the rest here…. LA Con’s a bit like watching Zidane, Zico, Zubizarreta and, er, Zamora knockin’ a ball between ’em (use your imaginations, people)

    Inspired stuff – hope that these high brain fart standards are maintained. Great list.

  2. Uncle Buck may be a fine film but we all know that Who is Harry Crumb? is the sweetest Candy.

    And now you know it too 🙂

  3. I gotta say I agree with you on alot of these movies, and I think your list tops Mr. McD’s one, BUT………………………………….Ringu??? I mistakenly bought this dvd after being misinformed about how good it was. Absolutely crap and not scary in the slightest. I gotta Agree with the other Ross that the American version is better.

    Other than that, great list…..Keep up the good work!!

  4. Surprised you haven’t got Quentin Tarintino on the list..

    Got to pull mine together as feel you missing a few…

  5. McGuinness.
    Why is Roadhouse not on the list?
    I’m ashamed of you.

  6. Richie: Road House IS on the list – the old 76er. Jeesh, open your frickin eyes…

  7. D’oh!!!

    Apologies…i should never have doubted you.


  8. I forgive you Dalton, but only because you could rip my throat out

  9. Oh dear, Wayne’s World 2? So called because it has 2 jokes. Whereas Wayne’s World is the pinnacle of excellence in movie-making. Bad choice…

  10. Some very true words there Rossi – Stephen Baldwin is a dick but man he was brilliant in that classic and as for ……. ‘for England, James?’ – ‘Shut the f**k up, 006, you f**king traitor’ you have me laughing out loud here.

    Respect for including Spartacus in there. Brave call, the homoerotic undertones rife throughout that film make me think twice about you and I notice lot of father figures in there man…..(even Sigourney)

    How the hell do you go from All the Presidents Men to Waynes World……. that is just wrong.

  11. I’m quite gutted that Robin Williams didn’t even get a mention… have you SEEN jack?! that is moving… Robin Williams has this quality that just makes him unable to be cheesy- just emotive! P.s Hanks, Hoffman and di Caprio rule in my book, I’m glad they got mentioned 🙂

  12. 22. The Usual Suspects – Stephen Baldwin is a dick and a shit actor, but he’s great in this

    –I couldn’t have said it better (or more succintly) myself.

    67. Raising Arizona – Nicolas Cage wasn’t always a hack


    My only gripe? Where is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”? Don’t make me say “Ni”!

    M. Carter at the Movies

  13. hehe, thanks M. Carter, although im glad we disagree on one point, would be worried about you if you had exactly the same taste as me. Holy Grail is a fair shout, i have to admit though, i just dont find a lot of it funny. but thats probably more a failing on my part.
    Stephen Baldwin surely has at least one more great role left in him… and having caught a bit of US Im A Celebrity (yes, i suck) recently, he doesnt seem to be that much of a dick

  14. Kemuksigak Says:

    I was very pleased to find The Goonies on your list 😀

    I believe i have watched that movie more than any other human being on earth. A bold statement, yes. But i would like to meet someone who has. Just during the late 80’s-early 90’s i wore out 2 VHS copies of it. This may or may not be sad information.

  15. […] spring to mind as a seminal Robin Hood movie but then I remembered that it is  #10 on Ross McG’s Top 100 movies (form Ross v Ross ) so I thought I would throw it in. The film follows the traditional […]

  16. Another wonderful list, highly agreeable. I’ll make sure to see The Sting; I’ve been meaning to for a while. I’ve seen 50% of the BP Oscar winners of the 1970s….which ain’t ‘nough.

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