Ross McD’s Top 100

1. Star Wars saga – The storytelling template. It has everything a film should have, plus lightsabers

2. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy – A close second, like Star Wars, but no lightsabers. Fellowship; the greatest walking film of all time

3. Jurassic Park – ‘Uh, John, what you got in there? some kinda large animals?’ Dinosaurs should be in EVERY film, not just the ones about dinosaurs

4. The Usual Suspects – Greatest plot twist of all time, before plot twists became the norm. ‘Give ME the keys, you cocksucker.’ Spacey – brilliant

5. Moulin Rouge – Top five requirement: must be able to watch it, then watch it again immediately. Cannot drive without singing at least one from the soundtrack

6. LA Confidential – Couldn’t turn this film off for all the whiskey in Ireland, boyo. Unrivalled cast

7. Gladiator – Are you not entertained? I am Maximus, very much so

8. Silence of the Lambs – Lecter: up there with Vader. Foster: hot in an ugly kinda way. ‘I can smell your c**t’: greatest quote, and technique, ever

9. The Matrix/Matrix Reloaded – Pity about the third one. Who’d of thought Keanu Reeves could pull off two of the best films ever made?

10. The Dark Knight – I disagree with McG on this not being perfect. Joker: best character – and magician – ever

11. Reservoir Dogs – A heist movie with no heist, yet still the best ever heist movie. Dialogue is so good it carries the entire film. ‘You gonna bark all day….?’

12. Braveheart – Historically inaccurate, he COULD shoot thunderbolts from his arse

13. Kill Bill 1&2 – Samurai swordfights, animé, Gogo, snake codenames, it’s like it was made especially for me. Awesome soundtrack to boot

14. Con Air – ‘Put the bunny back in the box.’ The quote alone guarantees inclusion. As improbable as a film can get, but there is nothing as fun to watch

15. Sin City – It’s like reading the comic, except I don’t have to reach all the way over and turn the page

16. Pulp Fiction – Three Tarantinos in the top 20? I didn’t realise I liked him that much

17. The Lion King – Disney? killing a main character? Ballsy, but just one of the ingredients of the greatest animated film ever

18. Goodfellas – So many pretenders followed, none came close. ‘Now go home and get your shinebox.’ Pesci is scary

19. Troy – Definitely underrated. Condenses everything that was interesting about ancient Greece into two hours

20. The Blair Witch Project – Scariest. Film. Ever. If you let yourself get swept up in the hype, it was worth it. Extremely clever filmmaking

21. Anchorman – Ferrell’s finest hour. One of the funniest films ever made. ‘I’m gonna punch you right in the ovaries’

22. The Shawshank Redemption – I’ve never rooted for a film character as much. He probably did smell a little bit like crap on the other side, mind

23. Napoleon Dynamite – Jon Heder is simply impossible not to fall in love with. ‘I bet I could throw this ball over those mountains.’ Funny, but not a comedy

24. Children of Men – A sleeper. this will be a classic one day

25. Fight Club – Such a cliché to include this film, but such a lie if you claim not to like it. Pitt, Norton, Loaf: what a cast

26. Monsters Inc – Cannot watch it without crying. Gets me every single time. Why can’t she stay with you Sully? Man, I’ve a lump in my throat even thinking about it

27. The Truman Show – I used to think I was in a show and everyone I knew was in on it when I was a kid. If only I’d wrote it down and sold it to a film producer

28. Memento – Cleverest film ever. I’m still not sure I fully understand it

29. Desperado – Guy with a suitcase full of guns shooting lots of people? Yeah, I’ll watch that

30. Toy Story – The reason all animated films are now CGI. Great sequel too. Hard to pull off two equally likeable main characters

31. Terminator 2: Judgment Day – 18 years old now and the effects still hold up. SO much better than the first one

32. Mission: Impossible – ‘Red light; Green Light!’ McG would be upset if I didn’t include at least one Cruise missile. ‘McD, you’ve never seen me very upset’

33. Se7en – That guy on the bed is still alive! Excuse me while I change my pants.

34. Last Of The Mohicans – Another throat lumper. That 7-minute ending with just music is probably the greatest film sequence ever

35. Blades of Glory – Anchorman meets Napoleon Dynamite. Watched it twice back2back the other nite, was as funny the second time. ‘You’re welcome Stockholm’

36. Die Hard – ITV’s edited down version not as good. What the hell does Kemo Sabe mean, anyway?

37. Indiana Jones trilogy – Should have left it at a trilogy too

38. Saving Private Ryan – That bit where the German dude slowly pushes the knife into the American is simply the most unnerving thing I have ever seen

39. Devil’s Advocate – Legal dramas are boring, unless Satan’s involved

40. True Lies – Arnie’s finest. ‘I know what that is: it’s a snow cone maker’, and of course, ‘you’re fired’. Even Tom Arnold is funny. Bill Paxton/Pullman is great

41. 28 Days Later – They’re zombies, but they can run! Sequel was quite good too, despite what some say

42. Shrek 1&2 – If you can ignore the fact that Mike Myers does that accent in every film, and ignore Shrek the Turd, these are great. Pity Lithgow didn’t make it

43. Starship Troopers – Man versus giant bugs! As satisfying as stepping on one (a bug, not a man)

44. Princess Mononoke – Gillian Anderson plays a convincing wolf god. Probably has some environmental message that I don’t care about

45. 300 – Probably the best looking film I’ve ever seen

46. Forrest Gump – Retards are people too. Most boxes of chocolates come with little menus

47. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – Bob Hoskins completely convinces he is acting alongside cartoons. My first ever sticker album. Never completed it, though

48. Titanic – ‘Could I share that float with you?’ – ‘Nope’

49. In Bruges – Colin Farrell CAN act, but only when he’s acting like a scumbag from Dublin. Brendan Gleeson should be in every film

50. There Will Be Blood – Some dislike this because it’s two-and-a-half hours of Daniel Day-Lewis, like that’s a bad thing. Best actor ever

51. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Pity it spawned a lot of bad copies, this was the original and best

52. Wall.E – Cutest film ever. Who needs dialogue when the two leads are that adorable?

53. The Ring – The American version. The bit where you’re unexpectedly shown the first victim in the wardrobe was the biggest shock I’ve ever had in the cinema

54. Dogma – More films should take the piss out of Catholicism, it’s easy and fun. ‘What the **** happened to that guy’s head?!’

55. Alien quadrilogy – Achieves the difficult task of blending horror and sci-fi. All four have something to offer, including Ron Perlman

56. The Omen – The original, a truly scary film which never once relies on ambushing violins

57. The Addams Family/Values – These are a pleasure to watch. Morticia is hot

58. The Big Lebowski – Didn’t really like this the first time round, but second and subsequent viewings made me realise. ‘Shut the **** up Donny’ never gets old

59. Jaws – Had the same effect on everyone’s opinion of swimming. That bit where the one-eyed guy floats out Aaggghhh!

60. Amélie – Doesnt make me cry (McG u fag), but it is a superb film. Audrey Tautou is hot

61. Me, Myself and Irene – ‘Why am I peeing like I was up having sex all night?’ I thought falling out of your seat was just a figure of speech til then

62. Pan’s Labyrinth – A fairytale that’s gruesome as hell. Hans Christian Anderson never bottled anyone in the face

63. Juno – Ellen Page is adorable. Surely teenage pregnancy is this sugar coated?

64. Transformers – Expected this to be soooo bad. Au contraire. Opening scene with Blackout is among cinema’s finest. ‘I AM MEGATRON!’ Yeah you are

65. Signs – Shyamalan’s best by far, a great take on the old plot of alien invasion. That footage of the alien at the birthday party was terrifying. Scary Movie does take away from it a little though

66. Leon – I have a painting of this in my bathroom. Paedophelia never seemed like a more attractive career choice

67. Training Day – Denzel’s a baddie? With that smile?

68. Casino Royale – The Batman Begins of Bond. Batman Begins, incidentally, isn’t in this list…

69. Aladdin – ‘You’re only in trouble if you get caught…I’m in trouble’ Jasmine is hot

70. Beetlejuice – One of the great movie characters, fantastic turn by Keaton. Didn’t realise it was him until years after I first watched it

71. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie – The only decent computer game film. ‘Bison! I’ll rip your ******* heart out you filthy *******!’ – ‘Afraid I don’t have one, captain’

72. Batman/Returns/Forever – Burton’s two were great, but I think Forever paid a necessary homage to Adam West’s campfest. ‘Was that over the top?’

73. Catch Me If You Can – The fact that it’s based on a true story makes it. Hanks and DiCaprio should work together more

74. Mask Of Zorro – Catherine Zeta-Jones in this was the pinnacle of the female form. Antonio Banderas is hot too

75. Back To The Future trilogy – Messing with time travel is tricky (in film, not in physics), the trilogy nails it. The train is better than the DeLorean, sorry fanboys

76. Full Metal Jacket – It’s like two whole films! Joker did my sister’s last portfolio headshots, I’m told

77. Little Miss Sunshine – Heartwarming is a bit gay, so I won’t say that. Abigail Breslin’s dance finale is inspired

78. The Bourne trilogy – I can’t really tell the difference between any of these, but the chases and fight choreography is unmatched. He’s certainly no Streisand

79. Doomsday – The only thing this film was missing was dinosaurs. Like spilling all your toys out of the box and playing with everything together

80. The Thing – Another great horror/sci-fi. Effects are brilliant, and if you said you seen that resuscitation bit coming, you’re a liar

81. Stand By Me – Nothing happens – brilliant. Like Fellowship of the Ring, with less, but more poignant, dead bodies

82. Cube – The entire thing is shot in one room! The original Saw. if you weren’t claustrophobic beforehand…

83. The 40-Year-Old Virgin – So rewatchable. Greatest end sequence ever

84. Rambo I, II, IV – Shame III was rubbish. But IV was a shock hit. Explosions actually blow people up? I thought they just made you jump really far

85. Clash Of The Titans – There should be more Harryhausen in this list, but this is certainly one of the best. Stop motion = scary

86. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – I’ll get you Harry Potter/John McClane/Robin Hood

88. 12 Angry Men – Proof that you dont need special effects, exotic locations or pumping action to make a superb film – just a single room and Henry Fonda

88. The Commitments – ‘I thought this was a queue for drugs’ – just like the real Dublin

89. The Elephant Man – Man, that is hard to watch. You’re lucky people aren’t so cruel about looks any more, McG

90. Casino – Loses marks for its similarity to Goodfellas, but gains for that ping of baseball bat on Pesci’s legs.

91. Star Trek: First Contact – The best of the Treks. Borgs are pretty rubbish tho, just don’t look threatening and they’ll leave you alone

92. The Monster Squad – ‘Hey Fat Kid; good job.’ – ‘My name *reloads shotgun* is Horace!’ – fantastic

93. The Last King Of Scotland – Only seen this recently, Whitaker is as good as they say. ‘Well if it isn’t my old friend Mr McGreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg’

94. The Frighteners – Completely underrated, J Fox v Busey, plus that dude from Full Metal Jacket turns up, maggot – brilliant

95. The Mask – It’s like a cartoon, but it’s a film. ‘And last but not least, my favourite: a Tommy Gun!’

96. The Good Girl – Lots of people don’t like this for some reason. Jennifer Aniston is great in it

97. The Breakfast Club – ‘Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?’ Just like real detention

98. Battle Royale – Like the wrestling version, except with Japanese school kids. And instead of over the top rope… crossbows

99. The Nightmare Before Christmas – ‘And I Jack, the Pumpkin King, have grown so tired of the same old thing.’ Songs alone make it warrant inclusion

100. The Princess Bride – Most quotable film ever, and for a reason

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12 Responses to “Ross McD’s Top 100”

  1. David Coyle Says:

    I’d have put Battle Royale a lot higher up the list myself!
    98th WTF?
    It teaches the kids on the island that live is tough & random.
    Hence some kids get crossbows & some only get frying pans.

    And is Leon about paedophelia?
    I just thought he was french?
    Breathtaking action scenes though.(I mean the gun battles not the paedophelia!)

  2. Troy and Titanic in your top FAVOURITE 100 and no E.T., I’m disappointed McD so so disappointed.

  3. Senator Medoza Says:

    A glaring omission from your list there McD. Where’s the love for Steven Seagal. Especially in his greatest role ever – as Casey Ryback in Under Siege and Under Siege 2.

    Easily the best knife fight ever to be committed to celluloid.

  4. keegobob Says:

    i would like to second senator medoza’s comment there, how could you leave out one of the greatest actors of all time, steven seagal??
    plus i thought the best quote from conair was when somebody picks up a doll at the end and says “strange thing to find on a plane full of hard assess” just something for you to chew over Mcd

  5. On the whole I think this is a good list it includes many of my favourite films. I hate Disney films so wouldn’t go for them, I haven’t seen Princess Mononoke or Street Fighter II and I really hate Forest Gump. Titanic is okay at best but they are just personal onions what surprises me is lack of older films. I think 12 Angry men is the only pre 1975 film and Battle Royale the only foreign language film. You are either missing out on a lot of great films or you have seen them and don’t rate them.

  6. Hey dont forget Amelie, Pan’s Labyrinth and Crouching Tiger….
    Um…Last of the Mohicans had a bit of French in there….uh….there was a bit of Japanese in Kill Bill…

    And what about the Elephant Man? that’s pretty old…

    But yeah you’re right fandang, I am pretty distractible

  7. You are right I missed Amelie, Pan’s Labyrinth and Crouching Tiger all great films. Take a look at this list. All recent foreign language films that are worth seeing. If you liked Memento look out for Irréversible it uses the same backwards story device.

  8. I totally agree with lobbol. Troy is absolutely terrible! Everytime the screen faded to black between scenes I hoped for the credits to start rolling! Again lobbol hit the nail on the head with E.T. – one of my earliest movie memories. Drew Barrymore’s performances went downhill from there!
    Great to see The Commitments in there, but I Went Down (which does have Brendan Gleeson in it) is up there with it. And I can’t believe you left out Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot. I don’t want to go on about Irish movies but Veronica Guerin and The General (Brendan Gleeson, again) were brilliant too.
    A dozen (I’m limiting myself to 12!) other random movies that I think deserve a spot: Sideways, Home Alone, Life Stinks, Crash, Oceans 11, A League of Their Own, War of the Worlds, The Aviator, There’s Something About Mary, Ace Ventura, Cocktail, Big.
    Oh and Matthew Broderick is a legend – Ferris Buller’s Day Off, The Cable Guy, The Producers. Which reminds me, Stir Crazy should be in there too!
    But yeah, overall it’s a good list with some real beauts (notibly Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and a nice variety too.

  9. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    “The Usual Suspects” made it into the Top 5. Marvelous. What a great movie all-around (love me some Kevin Spacey), and it reminds me of a time before Stephen Baldwin went bankrupt and started boardin’ for the lord (not that there’s anything wrong with that…).

  10. Greatest film ever made, M (besides the three I named above it, obviously).
    Watched it again just the other night, I just never tire of it. Only discovered quite recently that it is considered rather homo-erotic! Give ME the keys, you….

  11. It’s a shame how underrated ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was in terms of its position at the Oscars. DiCaprio and Hanks both should have been nominated in my opinion, as well as consideration for Director and Picture. It’s an ingenious mix of entertainment and power.

  12. I’ve seen at least half of this list, and I’d agree with almost all of them. We have very similar tastes. Excellent list, Ross!!

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