Top 10… Bath Scenes In The Movies


There’s nothing quite like a nice, relaxing bath. Except in the movies, where bath time doesn’t mean a soak with a rubber ducky – it means scary monsters might try to get you. Sometimes. Here are some great scenes to think about the next time you take a dip.

10. Fatal Attraction

Let’s start with the King of the Movie Bath, English director Adrian Lyne. The man who gave us Flashdance also gave us flashes of bath brilliance. In Fatal Attraction, Michael Douglas gets to grips with Glenn Close, doing for baths what the same movie did for bunnies. Yes, this scene contains a major spoiler, but if you haven’t seen a film released in 1987 yet, then tough.

9. Jacob’s Ladder

Lyne went back to the bath for his follow-up to Fatal Attraction, the confusingly brilliant and brilliantly confusing Jacob’s Ladder. Tim Robbins plays a Vietnam soldier whose brain goes a bit screwy, meaning he needs to take a dunk in an icy tub.

8. Scarface

I actually think Scarface is one of the most overrated films ever. I liked it when I was 15. Then I turned 16. But I have to admit, it has its moments. The way in which Al Pacino says ‘pelican’ is one of them.

7. Coming To America

– ‘You are not Akeem.’
– ‘I know that.’
– ‘What is this?’
– ‘A photograph.’

6. Inception

Hold on to your hats, ladies. It’s Leo. In the bath. Sorry he’s wearing a suit. Couldn’t Joseph Gordon Jennifer Love Hewitt just have pinched Leo to wake him up, rather than tip him into a bath from a chair? I mean, what if he had hit his head? Would he have gone to limbo? Or would he have been trapped in a bath within a bath? Within a bath?

5. Pretty Woman

Almost all of this film takes place in the tub. In this scene, Julia Roberts shows her star power just be smiling and dunking her head under the water, ensuring we don’t forget the true message of this film in which two people from different worlds fall in love: Being a prostitute is fun.

4. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Remember when Freddie Krueger was scary? Even scarier than those self-made ‘bubbles’ you have in your bath?

3. The Shining

But when it comes to A Scare At Bathtime, nothing can beat this. Something to remember: if an impossibly hot woman gets out of a bath and starts making out with you even though you’re a dishevelled writer, chances are she isn’t real.

2. Perfect Blue/Requiem For A Dream/Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky doesn’t really do things by halves/baths. For his disturbing look at addiction, Requiem For  A Dream, he bought the rights to Japanese animé Perfect Blue, just so he could recreate a stirring bathtub scene. Having secured the rights, he adapted the sequence into Black Swan as well.

1. The Money Pit

Some people like their Tom Hanks with a big dollop of emotion and an Oscar. I like mine with a huge chunk of cheese and a laugh so brilliant it ended up featuring in the Universal Studios tour ride. Hanks a million for some great bath action.



9 Responses to “Top 10… Bath Scenes In The Movies”

  1. Jesus wept, no I Went Down?????

  2. Jesus did indeed weep. Apologies, GM. great scene

  3. Lord Ian O'Itall Says:

    Big Lebowski – ‘Or ve cut off your Johnson!’

  4. good shout Lord Ian.
    ‘this is a private residence, man…’

  5. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Don’t know why, but my most memorable bath scene is when Shannon Elizabeth gets a seeing-to from a snowman in Jack Frost…

    … actually, I have a good idea why.

  6. Paragraph.. haha! i always thought Jack Frost was where Michael Keaton turned into a snowman.

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  9. Pooble GInem Says:

    what about arthur?

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