Top Ten… Movie Shower Scenes


Take two movies into the shower? No, let’s take ten. In the final part of our bathroom trilogy, we move from the bath and the toilet into a nice, hot, steamy, cinematic shower. Warning: You may need a towel.

10. Casino Royale

A shower scene in a James Bond movie? Boring. Oh, hang on, instead of JB getting to grips with some hot lady under the water, this shower scene is actually quite clever. The first Bond film to acknowledge that seeing people getting killed is actually quite stressful.

9. Arachnophobia

Known more for his producing credits on a whole host of Spielberg movies, Frank Marshall is actually a pretty skilled director too, as anyone who has seen Alive and, uh, Eight Below, will testify. He does a great job with Arachnophobia and this scene sums up the movie – as it doesn’t go where you might expect.

8. Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult

The classic prison shower scene gets a makeover from the late, great Leslie Nielsen. Don’t call him Shirley, and don’t try to get him to bend over and pick up the soap either.

7. Elf

Yeah, let’s stick a shower scene with Zoooooooooey Deschanel in a kids’ Christmas movie. Actually, that’s a terrific idea. Like the rest of the movie, this is really sweet.

6. Enchanted

More shower sweetness, this time with Amy Adams getting out of the water, her nudity quickly covered by some pigeons. Damn you, pigeons! ‘I hope you had nice dreams.’ If only everyone was this nice.

5. American Psycho

Mmmmm… honey almond body scrub. No one gets ready for work like Paddy Bateman.

4. It

This scene stopped me showering for about a year. This film made me avoid storm grates for life. Flipping clowns, I hate ’em.

3. Bambi

A different shower now, an April one. Bambi is such a magical film and this is its most magical moment.

2. Weird Science

Cleverly conveying teenage boyhood fantasy with a neat twist, this shower scene is scientifically proven to make you laugh. Why would Kelly LeBrock need to shower anyway, if she was a computerised creation?

1. Psycho

We like to be a bit controversial here on Ross v Ross sometimes, but even we aren’t pigheaded enough not to put this at Number 1. Alfred Hitchcock was a master at making the mundane absolutely terrifying and millions of movie-goers reverted to washing themselves with only cloths for months after seeing this scene.



2 Responses to “Top Ten… Movie Shower Scenes”

  1. There is no other way this list could have ended than with Psycho.

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