Top Ten… Toilet Scenes In Movies


Last week, we gave you a nice clean bath. This week, it’s toilet time. Going to the loo in the movies is a bit like going to the loo at a rock concert – no one washes their hands. Hollywood, what a dirty town…

10. Jurassic Park

The only one on John Hammond’s side was the blood-sucking lawyer. So it’s fitting that he’s the only one to get eaten by a T-rex while on the John. Pity, because we thought his idea to have a coupon day at Jurassic Park was rather a good one.

9. The Boondock Saints

This film is a bit silly, but that’s what lends it its charm and why so many people love it. And it finds a very creative way of using a toilet to take out a henchman. Some genuinely good stunt work in there too.

8. Witness

Seriously, this scene is the reason I didn’t go into a public toilet until I had reached my 20s. The second best toilet scene featuring Danny Glover ever.

7. Sin City

I’m gonna put it out there: I’m a Clive Owen fan. I love his work. And he’s never been cooler than in Sin City. Okay, so he was probably a bit cooler in Shoot ‘Em Up. But he did have a carrot as a prop, so couldn’t fail to be cool. Here he teaches some manners to Benicio del Toro’s Jackie Boy, an odious piece of work if ever there was one. I mean, the guy forgot to flush. He got everything he deserved.

6. Dumb & Dumber

Yes, this list does contain some toilet humour from The Best Film Ever Made, but not the scene you expect. While watching Jeff Daniels take a crap might be a lot of people’s idea of funny, for me it’s one of the poorest scenes in a masterpiece. So I’ve gone for this one instead, where Jim Carrey finds timing is everything.

5. The Big Lebowski

In last week’s rundown of the best bath scenes, I was given serious jip for forgetting El Duderino, and rightly so. I’m not going to make that mistake this time. And what’s with the milky water in The Dude’s toilet bowl? He’s obviously had one too many White Russians.

4. Full Metal Jacket

Now things get heavy. Kubrick’s bathroom scene from The Shining was chilling – this is simply horrific. In this brilliant sequence, things finally get too much for Private Pyle. As great as Full Metal Jacket is, the film should have ended right here.

3. Trainspotting

Whether or not this is The Worst Toilet In Scotland is up for debate, but it’s certainly the most memorable. In every one of his films, Danny Boyle gives us at least one remarkable visual that sticks with us long after watching. Making a seedy search for some suppositories in a toilet into something beautiful sounds impossible, but Boyle pulls it off. And don’t worry about all that brown stuff on the walls – Boyle actually used chocolate for this scene.

2. Lethal Weapon 2

‘I’m getting too old for this taking a shit shit.’

1. Loaded Weapon 1

While the toilet bomb scene above is brilliant, this is how it should have went…



7 Responses to “Top Ten… Toilet Scenes In Movies”

  1. How about the end-scene in the Copycat-movie? That’s the first one who come to mind

  2. good pic! Harry Connick Jr creeps me out

  3. hah! Great list. Love the Trainspotting choice, one of my favourite scenes in the film.

  4. Definitely Full Metal Jacket. When Gomer busts, it’s most satisfying to see him take care of Gny. Sgt. Hartman.

  5. I’ll offer a current one and a classic: the scene in Bridesmaids where Melissa McCarthy lets go in the sink, and the toilet interrogation at gunpoint in Sweet Sweetback’s Baaadaaass Song (“I don’t KNOW where Sweetback is! *plop*) Your list is superb.

  6. I kinda like the scene in Pulp Fiction where whatisname does you know what to thingy…(hah, no-one can accuse ME of a plot spoiler)

    Am not saying it’s a great toilet scene, or the greatest toilet scene, but it is from a great film, and the only one I can think of…

    And in a follow-up to the great chess / cheese scenes, Ross, perhaps you can go from “toilet” scenes to “to let” scenes” – I’ll kick off by suggesting a scene from American Beauty, but am sure there are loads of others.

    Clang. That’s the sound of the gauntlet!

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