Top Ten… Cheese Scenes In Movies


Yes, yes… I know what you’re thinking, ‘Didn’t you do this list last week?’ Well, almost. It was chess scenes last week, but some of our literally dozens of readers took a quick glance at the title and thought it said ‘cheese’ instead. A cheesy movie scene list was hence demanded. So here it is.

10. Ratatouille

And where better to begin than with everyone’s favourite gourmet rat, Remy, mixing some cheese with strawberry, thus discovering the recipe for strawberry cheesecake. Wow, what a hero.

9. Gone Baby Gone

From cheese you put in your mouth, to a cheese who’ll put a gun in your mouth. Yes, it’s Haitian drug lord Cheese from Ben Affleck’s fabulous Gone Baby Gone. In an ideal world, this film would have been laden down with Oscars, it’s easily one of the best films I’ve seen over the last decade or so. Casey Affleck is just fantastic in it. Why he had to go and ruin everything by doing that stupid Joaquin Phoenix ‘documentary’ is anyone’s guess.

8. She’s The Man

This film comes up a lot on Ross v Ross, mainly because Ross McD loves it, right down to former professional footballer Vinnie Jones struggling to play the role of a former professional footballer. But I have to say, I’ve kind of fallen in love with She’s The Man too. If Amanda Bynes wasn’t such an idiot in real life, she might have been the finest actress of her generation. See also: Lindsay Lohan.

7. Teen Wolf

Okay, so I’m stretching things a little here, but the cheese reference at the end of this clip is worth waiting for, mainly cos you get the chance to listen to the brilliant Coach Finstock’s mantras on life. Good advice when you find yourself turning into a wolf during basketball games.

6. Old School

Not as good as everyone says it is, Old School still has its moments. And most of them revolve around Jeremy Piven, who can’t quite shake off his unfortunate college nickname.

5. School For Scoundrels

‘Hard cheeeeeeeeeeese!’

4. Burn After Reading

People get all upset when Gorgeous George does goofy, but we can’t get enough of Screwball Clooney. Burn After Reading is a bit of a mess, but it features some fun turns from Clooney and John Malkovich in particular. Watch George get all antsy about some ‘chèvre’ below.

3. Pulp Fiction

It’s lucky sometimes (sometimes, not all the time) that Harvey Weinstein lets Quentin Tarantino do whatever the hell he likes. ‘Yeah, I wanna do a scene where two guys talk about burgers for two minutes..’ Uh, okay QT, knock yourself out…

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This cheese reference is so good it even inspired a board game.

1. Benny & Joon

Back when Johnny Depp wasn’t wasting his time and talent starring in bad Tim Burton films (everything after Sleepy Hollow) and bad Pirates Of The Caribbean films (everything after the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film), he was starring in little gems like this. When it comes to cheese, he strikes while the iron is hot.



3 Responses to “Top Ten… Cheese Scenes In Movies”

  1. hahaha! Nice list! I’d also like Wallace and Gromit – ‘A Grand Day Out’ to get an honourable mention (not feature film length but….) good work!

  2. Aw, how could I forget? good cheesy choice

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