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Expendables Battle Special – Statham v Willis v Stallone v Schwarzenegger

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There are all star casts, and there are all star casts. And then there are all star casts who could make you see stars and leave you in casts. The Expendables has brought together some pretty big hitters, and our friends at The List and Cut The Crap Movie Reviews have offered to help us decide just who is the baddest. Click HERE or on the pic above to read the battle. Continue reading


The Sixth Sense v Signs

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What’s scarier? Bruce Willis not wearing a vest or Mel Gibson going completely nuts? As twistmeister M Night Shyamalan releases The Last Airbender, we battle it out over some of his films that had decent titles. Click HERE or the image above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club. Continue reading

Great Scenes… Over The Hedge

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As big name-casted, computer animated films go, Over The Hedge was middle of the park. But it did have one absoultely LOLerific scene that brought its average score way up. Continue reading

Lethal Weapon v Die Hard

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Lethal Weapon v Die HardWhy do they even make rule books for cops? It’s the mavericks who throw them out the window/tear them up/opt out of reading them who get results. Cops don’t get any harder or lethaler than John McClane and Martin Riggs. But which Christmas cop is closer to the edge? Click HERE or the picture above to read the arguments at and decide… Continue reading

Top Five… movie injuries

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ash-borderBeing a hero is a dangerous business. Someone might cut off your nose to spite your face, or you might saw off your own hand because it’s possessed. It’s tough out there. Continue reading