Lethal Weapon v Die Hard

Lethal Weapon v Die HardWhy do they even make rule books for cops? It’s the mavericks who throw them out the window/tear them up/opt out of reading them who get results. Cops don’t get any harder or lethaler than John McClane and Martin Riggs. But which Christmas cop is closer to the edge? Click HERE or the picture above to read the arguments at Metro.co.uk and decide…

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3 Responses to “Lethal Weapon v Die Hard”

  1. You can always trust McG to pick the wrong film. Lethal Weapon is good fun and Mad Mel is suitably crazy but its all a bit lightweight in comparison to Die Hard. You say Lethal Weapon “pretty much reinvented the buddy cop formula” wow that’s a formula that really needed to be revived and reinvented. Die hard reinvented the action movie and its leading men. Before that all the big parts where going to Schwarzenegger and Stallone, Schwarzenegger was actually offered Die Hard and turned it down. How would that have worked?

    McClane “I’ll be back”
    Hans “Back from where, your trapped you idiot”
    McClane “Who are you calling idiot, at least my European accent is real!”
    Hans “You’re supposed to be from New York”

    I digress. McD is spot on Hans really makes the film work and has been copied but never equalled ever since.

  2. Die Hard Die Hard Die Hard. No contest. Two reasons: Hans Gruber (of course) and the sequels are way better then Lethal Weapon’s. Sam Jackson & BW? Come on. Game. Set. Match.

  3. Madholman Says:

    Lethal weapon easily!!Die Hard is really great action movie with better action than Lethal weapon,but Lethal weapon has far better characters,even though John McClane is good,he is no match for Riggs and Murtaugh together as duo!!Riggs himself is definately better than Mcclane,but also Murtaigh and they are there together which is just too good.It makes lethal weapon series the greatest series of all time for me,on par with Indiana Jones.Die hard is good too,but Lethal weapon is for me much more beloved thanks to duo Riggs and Murtaugh!!!Bad guys are equal is first movies but much better in lethal weapon in sequels,action is better in die hard,but everything else is better in lethal weapon in my eyes.Lethal weapon has far better characters and is much funnier.Lethal weapon by far,because even though die hard is great,Lethal weapon is still much better for me.The main reason is how perfectly it is combined with action and humor,its pure dinamite.So lethal weapon.

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