Expendables Battle Special – Statham v Willis v Stallone v Schwarzenegger

There are all star casts, and there are all star casts. And then there are all star casts who could make you see stars and leave you in casts. The Expendables has brought together some pretty big hitters, and our friends at The List and Cut The Crap Movie Reviews have offered to help us decide just who is the baddest. Click HERE or on the pic above to read the battle.


7 Responses to “Expendables Battle Special – Statham v Willis v Stallone v Schwarzenegger”

  1. This was soooo much fun, fellas. Thanks for having me. I’m sorry I had to win so easily but kudos to McG for this gem… it had me laughing out loud as they say:
    “The problem with Stallone is that he’s too serious. He thinks blowing up the entire Russian presence in Afghanistan with his shirt off should be played straight.”

  2. If only Terry Crews was in this competition, he would have totally kicked major ass!

  3. Aiden makes the most compelling argument in truth about Sly’s ultimate badassness, and I’m always in favor of Arnie because I love him forever and ever, he’s my governator, and while Jason is up and coming and definitely the new guy to kick everyone’s ass, I gotta give this one to Brucie. Just on the basis that he’s STILL out there kicking as and being just as smooth as he was before.

    I’d also like to say, the portion of Arnie, Bruce, and Sly was the best part of the movie. Made my heart melt with testosterone. Even in my Top Ten Action heros, those guys were my top three. BAD MOFO’s!

  4. Don’t forget to check yours and Aiden’s ugly mug in the newspaper! E-metroherald!

  5. I picked the worst pic. Thanks for the pdf. Do they print everyone you guys do like an ongoing weekly thing?
    Also, how come Aiden could nsay mother effer, McD said shit and I had to cut “Yippe Ki-Ay, Mother Trucker!”?
    Yeah… “Trucker”.

  6. I’ll be trucked if I know, Terry.

  7. Yep, I’m with Arnie.

    “That guy wants to be president.”

    Well, at least he doesn’t think he can solve the world’s problems by sending Rambo to Burma.

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