Chicago v Moulin Rouge!

Gitchie, gitchie ya ya da da… Gitchie, gitchie ya ya here… Mocha Chocolata ya ya… it’s time for Ross v Ross agaaaaaaaiiin!! It’s a musical battle and we are gonna be in full song for this one. Click HERE or the image above to read this singing showdown at Metro Film Fight Club. You might want to insert your ear plugs now…

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9 Responses to “Chicago v Moulin Rouge!”

  1. Great post guys. I love both of these films. But Chicago is in my top 3 fav films ever.

  2. I liked Moulin Rouge! a lot better mostly cause I think that McGregor and Kidman were a perfect fit for the screen.

  3. Moulin Rouge hands down! Baz’s masterpiece with great performances from McGregor + Kidman, as well as comedic turns from Richard Roxburgh & Jim Broadbent. Lavish, dazzling, eccentric… basically it’s spectacular, spectacular!

  4. What a BRILLIANT post! I’m gonna have to go with Moulin Rough! Chicago is fun but didn’t capture my heart. Zeta-Jones really went all out on this one which, frankly, felt a bit off putting. Ewan and Kidman are a great movie couple and Moulin Rouge! was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Its amazing!

  5. I think I’m gonna have to say Moulin Rouge. I do love Chicago, but the first time I saw Moulin Rouge I watcehd it again twice more in the nest two days. It’s got that great Baz Luhrman energy and the music use is realy clever.

  6. Moulin Rouge is the clear winner. Chicago is possibly the worst recipient of the best picture Oscar ever.

  7. Chicago wins this for me. Even though they’re both in my top 100…Chicago is just too marvelous and what’s more considering the responsibility Marshall and Condon had with taken such legendary play and pulling it off.

  8. […] If I’m only allowed to bring four discs (who knew the luggage restrictions were so strict?), then longevity is the key. Moulin Rouge! is a film I can watch and then watch again as soon as the credits roll. The pure energy of the film always cheers me up, even though the ending is quite glum. In fact, I seem to keep forgetting what happens in the end (even though it is described in the opening lines) which perhaps is one of the reasons I can watch it again and again. Plus I can sing along all day long and nobody will complain. Not that anyone ever does – I do a mean Come What May. […]

  9. […] & Ross are back at it – this time arguing CHICAGO and MOULIN ROUGE! (Count me in on Team Baz you […]

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