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The Top 16 Best Music Gigs in Movies

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They are two of my favourite things – going to the movies and going to gigs. So when you combine the two, it has the potential to be mega. Here are the music concerts on film that it was worth pushing to the front for. Continue reading


The Sound of Music v Mary Poppins

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Have your earplugs at the ready… Ross McD and Ross McG have dusted down their singing voices again to bring you an epic encounter between two of the best musicals ever. In one corner, carrying a talking umbrella and a dollop of sugar, it’s Julie Andrews. In the other corner, wearing a habit and holding a whistle, it’s Julie Andrews! Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club. Continue reading

Chicago v Moulin Rouge!

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Gitchie, gitchie ya ya da da… Gitchie, gitchie ya ya here… Mocha Chocolata ya ya… it’s time for Ross v Ross agaaaaaaaiiin!! It’s a musical battle and we are gonna be in full song for this one. Click HERE or the image above to read this singing showdown at Metro Film Fight Club. You might want to insert your ear plugs now… Continue reading

Top Five… Male Solo Dance Scenes

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In the words of David Bowie and Chris Rea, let’s dance. But there are no dance partners in this Top Five – here we count down the moments when Hollywood’s finest men followed Billy Idol’s advice and went dancing with themselves… Continue reading

Top Five… Movie Bands

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Border spinal

Are you ready to rock?! Are you ready to roll?! Okay, are you at least ready to sway gently? No? Well then, just read about the best fictional music combos in cinematic history instead… Continue reading