The Sound of Music v Mary Poppins

Have your earplugs at the ready… Ross McD and Ross McG have dusted down their singing voices again to bring you an epic encounter between two of the best musicals ever. In one corner, carrying a talking umbrella and a dollop of sugar, it’s Julie Andrews. In the other corner, wearing a habit and holding a whistle, it’s Julie Andrews! Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


9 Responses to “The Sound of Music v Mary Poppins”

  1. I hate Mary Poppins.

  2. Lads, that is absolutely brilliant.
    The Von Trapps would never have got that singing prize off the Nazis if you two had taken part. Pity you were neutral at the time.

    Have to vote for Sound of Music and McD, then again he should have won, he is Sixteen Going On Seveneteen

  3. Haha you said it 5plit

    lols David. or should I say, Rolf-copter

  4. Loved this battle! So much fun to read the back and forth argument! I’d have to place my vote with Mary Poppins! While TSOM is such a classic, when I was younger, Mary Poppins kept my attention more!

    I found this great recut trailer of Mary Poppins that I find hilarious and thought I’d share. Enjoy if you wish! Thanks for the post! –

  5. Two of the best musicals ever?! Careful boys you wont like me when I’m angry….

    When I was little I hated both Sound of Music and Mary Poppins with a passion. Now that I’m older…..? Strong dislike is probably better than hate, but I definitely don’t watch them out of choice. I love Julie Andrews but both these films are just far too sickly sweet for me.
    Sound of Music has some better songs, Mary Poppins has the world’s best comedy accent, but neither rocks my boat.

  6. This was too funny for words. I’m torn, MARY POPPINS is somewhere in my top 100 but THE SOUND OF MUSIC is in my top 40. Still, I prefer Julie more as the nanny than the nun. Aargh, they’re both good.

  7. Fantastic! Excellent battle guys, I love that you did something different. Very creative. Im going with Sound of Music, I think the songs packed a little more punch.

    How dreamy is Captain Von Trapp

  8. yeah, Von Trapp is hot right now Lori, I’ll give you that. not so hot when he was this guy though –

  9. I love both of these films! Mary Poppins I always forget how much I love it until watching it. While The Sound of Music always has been and always will be one of my favorite ever films.

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