Films You Didn’t Know You Needed To See

Who says we Rosses aren’t a nice duo? We have just thrown in our two cents worth to contribute to the excellent movie blogging site, The List, run by our pal Kai B Parker. He rounded up a number of bloggers to help compile a rundown of movies you should watch but probably haven’t. It’s a pretty cool list and lives up to its title. Check it out by clicking HERE or the picture above.

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5 Responses to “Films You Didn’t Know You Needed To See”

  1. You know, I was loving this post… until it got as far as The Fall. Sure it was pretty, but everything else was so god awful that I lost the will be to be amazed by the look of things (sigh) Such a waste.

    I’d forgotten about the Opposite of Sex though, I remember being surpised and pleased with that one when it came out. Excellent reminder.

    Can we add our own films to the list? I’d quite like to see Fired Up on there…

  2. Citizen Ruth and Pitch Black woohoo!

    Why am I not surprised to see you suggested Alligator!

  3. I didnt choose Alligator
    Alligator chose me

  4. Alan F. Says:

    Why is it that Alexander Payne’s “Citizen Ruth” is very often overlooked by the major writers/critics of the filmworld? Is it because of its controversial content? (Particularly the issue of abortion in America) Or is it a case of it being disowned by Payne himself? (I have doubts on that one). Nonetheless, in a world of Todd Solondz, Harmony Korine etc, is Payne embarrassed? (yeah, a little tongue in cheek intended). Alan F.

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