Peter Bradshaw interview… We Want Your Questions!

Okay, devoted Ross v Ross readers: we have a task for you. Early next week we are going to be interviewing none other than The Guardian’s film critic, Peter Bradshaw, and we want you to submit your questions to him. You can do so after the jump.

There are film reviewers that take the rather conventional approach to writing about movies. Talk a bit about plot. Say who’s in it. Talk about what other stuff they did. Give the film some stars.

And then there is Peter Bradshaw. The Guardian film writer is just as likely to burst into song in a review as tell you who directed it. And that is why he is one of RvR’s favourite critics. Mainly because he still entertains us even when we don’t agree with him, which is pretty much the reviewer’s job.

At the beginning of next week he will be sitting down with RvR to talk movies. Instead of just answering our inane questions (Ross McD: ‘Which movie is better, Streetfighter 2 or Mortal Kombat?’* Ross McG: ‘Did you order the Code Red?’#), we thought it would be nice to open the floor to you guys, our faithful readers, who put up with our ramblings on an almost daily basis.

So if you have a question for Peter Bradshaw, just stick it in the comments section below. And if it isn’t foul-mouthed and is about movies, chances are we might just ask him to answer it…

For more on Peter Bradshaw at The Guardian click HERE

Mortal Kombat


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13 Responses to “Peter Bradshaw interview… We Want Your Questions!”

  1. All right… I’ll probably have more later. The first thing I thought though was what does he think about the current state of comedy and what does comedy need to do to get back to where it’s a contender in the Oscar race?

  2. looking forward to this – ok two questions

    1: which film critics inspire / interest PB the most and why?

    2: I once heard Cosmo Landesman (The Times) describe critics as ‘people who didn’t know how to drive the car but knew the route that should be taken’ (which I suppose makes us bloggers the annoying ‘backseat driver’) – does PB agree with this analogy and, with media outlets shedding critics to save money, does he think cinema will suffer creatively as real film criticism becomes less visible?

  3. 1. If he was going to ditch the film critic gig and be a writer/director, what’s the one movie he would make. Or, what’s his perfect movie that hasn’t been made yet.
    2. On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad does poop smell.

  4. Leading on from Aiden’s question:

    “All film critics are frustrated writers/directors. Discuss.”

  5. Was that in reference to the poop question? Because I don’t see the connection.

  6. With the Oscars approaching, why is it that actors indulge themselves with so many awards ceremonies?

    If there was an award for the most disappointing final quarter of a film would Inglourious win?

    A few weeks ago Ross v Ross highlighted the best 5 male solo dancing performances in Hollywood history and did not include Gene Kelly. Should this website be closed down?

    ‘Dr Sweet…’, has there ever been a chance of it making to the big screen?

  7. Cool guys, thanks for the offer…love to get a question answered if you can.

    I know the BAFTAs are the British Oscar equivalent (and sort of mixed with the Emmy’s), but I’ve always wondered something. With many of the films in the BAFTA’s categories increasingly being American films and shows, does Peter noticed more of the BAFTA production aimed at garnering more stateside attention and publicity? I mean why call it the British Film and Television Awards if it’s not exclusively held to predominantly British productions? Hope that makes sense…

    Good luck with the interview!!

  8. Ask him how he critiques films… if he goes into a movie with a stupid premise but it delivers on what it promised to be, does he consider that as a good accomplishment by the filmmakers?

  9. Richard Rock Says:

    I have two British film related questions.
    – Can Peter ever envisage a time when a UK film won’t be labelled as ‘the best British comedy since Four Weddings/ Bridget Jones/ It’s All Gone Pete Tong’? (You can probably omit the third choice – I don’t think anyone’s actually had the audacity to put that on a poster).

    – Can he explain how that brilliantly dramatic piece of film-making London to Brighton was largely ignored by critics listing the top 100 films of the decade when desperately-seeking-to-be-alternative reels of sugar-coated schmaltz such as Little Miss Sunshine were described as ‘defining’ by some?

  10. James Morgan Says:

    -Is Abel Ferrara’s The Addiction still Peter’s favourite film? Can he say a few words about this bizarre modern classic?

    -Can he pick the 3 most overrated films of all time?

    -Does Peter have a theory as to why Inglourious Basterds was so well-received by American critics while being almost universally panned in Britain?

  11. Seconding Aiden’s #1 question and James’ #3 question.

  12. So when are you gonna review this guy? I’m getting anxious to hear his thoughts on poop.

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