RvR loves… scary mirrors

If you are going to open a mirrored bathroom cabinet in a movie, whatever you do, don’t close it again. Or at least check behind you before you do. It’s one of the great horror clichés, and it features in every single scary film ever made. Don’t believe us? Click on…

Mirrors are scary. Don’t believe us? Then check out this video… We won’t spoil for you what movies are featured in the clip and we would be delighted if you could tell us fraidy-cats what films some of the more obscure scenes are from. Normally just looking in the mirror is frightening enough for us ugly mugs. Yet when something jumps out at us (not a spot or a grey hair) it makes us leap in fear even more.

This vid has been done by Rich at FourFour and he has listed the movies involved HERE so peek if you want to. There is also some bonus scary mirror action HERE. Look over your shoulder when you’re brushing your teeth tonight!

Tell us what you think of the video in the comments section below.


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10 Responses to “RvR loves… scary mirrors”

  1. Yes I find mirror’s quite creepy and that video helps to prove exactly why. I actually thought the film “Mirrors” could have been one of the scariest horror films in recent times if it hadnt gone in such a stupid direction.

  2. scariest mirror in the movies? surely the one in Snow White is in contention…
    and that mirror that whacked Indiana Jones when he was that ship in Raiders of the Lost Ark. that was a vicious mirror.
    anyone any other contenders?

  3. Why can I not think of any… this happens so much, I just auto-tune it out.

  4. Ha! That video’s great!

    Even if it has brought back long-buried memories of Ju-on, which terrified me for years.

  5. Could re-title this the worst horror movies of recent years compilation bar a couple. It goes to show what a cliche that closing mirror thing is – does anyone in the living world actually have a mirror cupboard? Nice to see the lovely Lena Headey at the end there – went to school with her you know. 😉

  6. The Shining was, along with Poltergeist.

  7. great Lena Headey trivia Dan
    Bill Nighy was in front of me in the queue at HMV today, if anyone’s interested. but then i see him all the time.

  8. Bathroom mirrors…and theres also rear-view mirrors.

    In scary movies its soo expected…its usually no longer sacry.

  9. Wow I’ll never look at my bathroom mirror the same way again!

  10. “…great Lena Headey trivia Dan.”

    Shelley High in Huddersfield…ask her if you don’t believe me! 😉

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