Happy Trails Hans: Deadfall Trail

China is a major world power now but to get a really good suit you have to go to London… I could talk about industrialisation and men’s fashion all day, but I’m afraid work must intrude. Today I’m running my eye over the trailer for three-guys-in-the-woods thriller Deadfall Trail. Watch the trailer and read my verdict after the jump.

Okay, we have a map. Good start. Everyone likes maps in movies. They make characters go somewhere. Nice scenery. These guys seem to be having fun. This looks like the perfect camping trip, can’t imagine anything going wrong here…

Did that guy just eat a bug? Was it a bit much to bring a packed lunch? I like the finer things in life – nice suits, fine wines – I don’t think I would like this trip. I’m not sure if this is a trailer for a movie or a Jack Daniels commercial.

Oh oh. The fun music has stopped. Things are about to get dark. Oh dear, they’re fighting amongst themselves now and, ah, some guy has ended up with a spike in his side. Not good. Worse is to come. Looks like one of his ‘buddies’ is about to bash him over the head with a rock. With friends like these, who needs really bad friends? Now it’s a game of cat and mouse. This couldn’t be worse than The Blair Witch Project.

‘You can’t go back, man! Things aren’t the same!’ Ha! Great pay-off line. Clichéd but great. If you go down to the woods today… you might just find some guys trying to kill each other. And you know what? It looks like a fun movie.

VERDICT: Thank you Mr Cowboy, I’ll take it under advisement.

four stars


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11 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: Deadfall Trail”

  1. Looks pantaloons.
    Four stars? Hans, you are getting soft, Kimosabe

  2. I’m with McD on this one. Did the producers of this movie post a comment on your site, too? Someone named “Roze” I think? Gotta say, this one’s not lookin’ too hot, Hans.

  3. you guys are just flies in the ointment, monkeys in the wrench.
    you McD are a pain in the ass.

  4. Hans, babe, put away the gun, this is radio, not television.

  5. by the time you figure out what went wrong, I’ll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty per cent.

  6. Hans is one of the best bad guys out there. Who can top that performance I wonder?

  7. Crazy whites guys in the woods you know something good is going to happen. That is why I dont go camping with people. I would rather a bear eat me.

  8. Looks like a badass film!

  9. This looks sweet! Whats not to like two dudes fighting in the woods. But did I see a naked chink in there too?

    Are we going to run into some naked hippy girl at some point?

  10. moonshine Says:

    Nice! Look’s good.

  11. This film rocked….and the dudes were HOT…..the story was good, too…..and now I know how to survive in the woods if I need to “survive” !!! Thanks, Hans!

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