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Top Seven… Movie Characters Called Jack

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Tom Cruise is back. And this time he’s Jack Reacher. Yeah, you know, that really tall guy who kicks ass? Uh… yeah. Well, size isn’t everything. We are big fans of The Cruiser at Ross v Ross (well, one of us two Rosses is), so we’ll happily watch him in anything. We’re looking forward to his upcoming sci-fi outing, Oblivion, too, in which he plays another Jack, a good three decades after playing a Jack in Ridley Scott’s Timotei advert cum epic fantasy, Legend. But what is it about characters called Jack? And who are the best Jacks in the movies? Let’s find out… Continue reading


The Matrix v The Matrix Reloaded

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You hear that Ross McG and Ross McD? That is the sound of the two of you pointlessly bickering. Sadly, the Matrix trilogy is just that: a trilogy. But let’s pretend for a second that The Matrix Revolutions was never made, and its predecessors were never irevocably tarnished by it. Do you prefer to enter The Matrix, or  would you see it Reloaded? Which one is The One? Click HERE or on the pic above to see how far this rabbit hole goes… Continue reading

Wayne’s World v Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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It’s the dudes who went back in time against the dudes who went to see Alice Cooper. But which pair of metalheads make you wanna headbang and who makes you wanna bang your head? Click HERE or the picture above to read the arguments at Metro Film Fight Club and decide. Continue reading

Heat v The Devil’s Advocate

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borderpacinoHOO-HAH! Which do you prefer, Pacino shouting at De Niro or Pacino shouting as Satan? Read the arguments and decide. Have your ear plugs at the ready… Continue reading

Cruel Intentions v Dangerous Liaisons

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Border cruelWouldn’t it be great if these two movies combined their powers to create the ultimate action flick? ‘This Fall… Steven Seagal has… DANGEROUS INTENTIONS.’ In the meantime, pick your favourite. Continue reading