The Matrix v The Matrix Reloaded

You hear that Ross McG and Ross McD? That is the sound of the two of you pointlessly bickering. Sadly, the Matrix trilogy is just that: a trilogy. But let’s pretend for a second that The Matrix Revolutions was never made, and its predecessors were never irevocably tarnished by it. Do you prefer to enter The Matrix, or  would you see it Reloaded? Which one is The One? Click HERE or on the pic above to see how far this rabbit hole goes…


4 Responses to “The Matrix v The Matrix Reloaded”

  1. Absolutely no contest here guys, the Matrix 1 all the way. Not just the best of the trilogy but genuinely one of the best / coolest films ever.

  2. Agreed. No contest whatsoever. Fuckin’ Architect…

  3. I thought for sure McG took Reloaded. Imagine my surprise!
    The original wins hands down and your argument didn’t help McD… which was basically ceding victory.
    Still, Reloaded is great if you just jump from fight scene to fight scene… I used to do that on the treadmill. Good stuff!

  4. One of these days, I will rewatch Reloaded and Revolutions back-to-back with as open a mind as possible. Until then, fuck that clown. Cool, meaningless, neverending fight scenes are still meaningless and neverending.

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