Wayne’s World v Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

It’s the dudes who went back in time against the dudes who went to see Alice Cooper. But which pair of metalheads make you wanna headbang and who makes you wanna bang your head? Click HERE or the picture above to read the arguments at Metro Film Fight Club and decide.


16 Responses to “Wayne’s World v Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

  1. Bill and Ted. Same goes for the sequels. No contest. Station.

  2. I second Aiden…gotta love the boys from Aurora Ill. but Wyld Stallyns take the cake every time…

  3. Waynes World without a doubt. Sorry Keanu, Mike is fuinnier.

  4. It comes down to who has the better cameos for me

    Wayne’s World: Christopher Walken
    Bill & Ted: George Carlin

    Winner: Bill & Ted

  5. @Fitz: Then again, Wayne’s World also has a cameo by the T-1000, and that’s pretty awesome. Not Wyld Stallyns awesome, but still pretty awesome.

  6. Wayne’s World, hands down, for a few reasons!

    As Aiden said, that T-1000 cameo. So brilliant!
    Meyers and Carvey have much better chemistry!
    “Sphincter Boy”
    “No Stairway? Denied!”
    Bill and Ted doesn’t Bohemian Rhapsody in it!

  7. @Aiden

    Shit! How could I forget that?

  8. Waynes World would probably creep into my top comedies of all time. I lived and breathed that flick threw my teen years, and while I had pretty intense love for Bill and Ted and the Princesses, I just never felt a sick obsession, and they would probably make it into my top ten as well.

    Best Original: Waynes World-SHES A ROBOBABE!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Sequel: Bill and Ted-Station Creation and the Evil Uses

  9. Waynes World for me too! Although it does face some pretty fierce competition from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

  10. My vote is for wayne’s world because bill and ted is awesome but wayne and garth are awesomer. I believe my argument is air tight.

    Nevertheless, I noticed one of the pro-b&t arguments was that it came first by three years. However, based on some feverish wikipedia research, it turns out that the first wayne’s world skit on snl (Feb 18, 1989) aired the exact same weekend that bill and ted had its theatrical release (Feb 17, 1989). Kinda weird, right?

  11. ooh good triv Andy; point still stands tho – by one day or three years, second place is first loser

  12. Bill and Ted probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves. My vote goes to the time traveling phone box movie!

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  14. Antonius Maximus Says:

    Second comes right after first! Buzz Aldrins quote after landing on the moon! Party timel, Excellent for me!

  15. Ooh it’s a toughie!
    Wayne’s World for dialogue.
    Bill & Ted for adventure/imagination.
    If I had to watch one right now, Wayne’s World, just because certain scenes (like the brand endorsements) can be watched over and over again.

  16. Waynes world all the way for me just saying

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