RvReview: Iron Man 2

Iron Man is back. And this time he’s got one extra yellow stripe on his suit! Ross McG has been to check out the brilliantly named Iron Man 2. But what did he think? Find out in his spoiler-free review after the jump.

Let’s not mess around – Iron Man 2 is a bit of a mess. On paper it should be an iron-clad success. It retains most of the first movie’s cast and surrounds them with more talent. It also has the opportunity to iron out the original’s weaknesses – watching two CGI metal thingys whack each other wasn’t very exciting. Unless you’re 12. It’s a real shame then that when we get to the finale of Iron Man 2 we get lots of CGI metal thingys whacking each other. Is there anything more boring than playing a crap video game than watching someone else play a crap video game?

Don’t worry though, Iron Man 2 has plenty of faults before it gets to its pretty stock ending. Remember when the characters in your favourite sitcom started reverting to type in every episode and you cringed along? Well, the Iron Man series has got to that stage in just two movies. The major problem with this film is that despite Robert Downey Jr’s best efforts, Tony Stark is still just a complete dick. He makes Bruce Wayne look like a BFF. It’s hard to root for the guy who you don’t really like and who is buried inside a red and yellow special effect.

ScarJo's tiling was excellent

Like Iron Man’s new suit, the sequel is carrying too much beef. I have little problem, unlike some, with the large number of extra characters that have been pumped into proceedings. My complaint is that they are given nothing to do. Needless scene follows needless scene. Some bright spark had the idea to put a senators’ hearing (‘YAY!!’ the 16 to 24 demographic must be screaming) into a superhero movie. And it isn’t even the worst scene. That honour belongs to a lame, booze-fuelled fight involving Stark at his birthday party. Come back Emo Peter Parker, all is forgiven…

And please, please Marvel… I know I may be in the minority here, but stop putting obvious references to upcoming projects in your movies. I went to see Iron Man. I really couldn’t give a shit about Thor or Captain Planet or any of The Avengers.

Iron Man 2 may be pretty crap, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few great moments. The introduction of Whiplash (Mickey Rourke, playing Mickey Rourke, except he’s Russian Mickey Rourke) at the Monaco GP is terrific, although it’s rendered pretty null by the fact that for the rest of the movie Rourke gets to do nothing at all. Sam Rockwell is also great fun as Justin Hammer, but then Sam Rockwell should just be in every film. Who knows, if he’s in Iron Man 3 I might go to see it…


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35 Responses to “RvReview: Iron Man 2”

  1. how disappointing – was so looking forward to this….

  2. You sonofabitch…how are you getting these advance screenings?!

  3. Gareth… as a wise man once said: ‘critics are full of crap.’ dont listen to me, go see it for yourself, you might enjoy it. its almost worth it for the Monaco scene alone.
    Aiden R… that advance screening you speak of is a little thing I like to call ‘opening day’. only Ross McD gets to go to advance screenings. the little…

  4. Just read Katie’s completely different review. I’ll still see it for myself though I’m not expecting more than a loud, popcorn flick. Ha! The CGI metal thingys whacking each other is exactly what I was worried about after seeing the 2nd trailer, especially the scene in the woods where they’re surrounded by a bunch of iron man clones. But I am looking forward to the Monaco scene, that briefcase iron suit alone will be worth the price of admission.

  5. I fear that I’ve already seen the best bits (Rourke whipping the F1 Car, Stark jumping out the place, 30 metal thingys fighting in a park) in the over-saturated trailer campaign. Kind of makes going to the full flick null and void!

    Didn’t have high hopes for this one, will probably wait for the reduced DVD now. Cheers for the heads up.

  6. I like watching 2 CGI metal thingy’s whack each other around! 🙂
    I take it IM2 all ready premiered in UK or is this an advanced screening?

  7. Damn, I kind of expected this by seeing the trailer, but I was hoping I would be wrong. Thanks for the early review, still going to see it of course, but not expecting a whole lot.

  8. Captain Planet – lol. McG, if some movie producer accidentially wanders into this site and reads that, you will be partially responsible for the movie that will then inevitably be made. Matthew McConaughey as the Captain?

  9. I would say something smart but I haven’t seen the movie. I hate you for seeing it 2 weeks before I do 😉

  10. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Dudes, it is SO NOT FAIR that this movie hasn’t come out in the U.S. yet. What the eff?

  11. I swear we went to see different movies.

    People of the internets, don’t listen to Ross’s evil tidings! Iron Man 2 is an awesome film. It is what it is. It’s comic book blockbuster fun with a great cast a funny script and yes, lots of CGI special effects. What else were you expecting?
    I didn’t like Iron Man as a comic book character, it wasn’t until he got to the big screen that I finally warmed to him. Unlike you, I find the fact that Tony is “a complete dick” one of the best thigns about him 😛

    ps. haw haw (Nelson stylee) to all you unlicky Americans who don’t have it yet.

  12. Will probably see it anyway, but good thing my expectations are lowered.

  13. It’s a bummer that this doesn’t do as well as the first, but I feel like that is the same option with many other superhero sequels. I still want to give this a watch.

  14. Darren Says:

    I LOVED the senator scene, I must confess. That’s perhaps a great way of developing the “responsibility” aspect of superheroics (quit your bitchin’ Spidey, when was the last time you were held accountable by the US government?).

    But yes, waaaay too much going on in the movie and far too many characters who exist only to serve the fans – Nick Fury and Agent Coulson could easily have been the same character and the inclusion of the Black Widow was just pointless.

  15. I was very disappointed with it too. Love Robert Downey Junior mostly, but it gave an only okayish performance. The best thing about the film was Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell. And that’s about it.

  16. omg is this guy mad or what ? he is disappointed because of the cgi in the movie its an iron man movie a movie based on a comic book theres gotta be flashy stuff in it and about tony stark being a dick that is what makes him different from these other serious pretentious bores like spiderman he has got style and attitude plz man go get a life you suck at this

  17. aces: you are my new favourite person in the world.
    I thought exactly the same thing when I read Ross’s ridicuolous moan about CG. I bet he even liked transformers 😛

  18. haha Aces, you said it. I’m making you an admin on this site

  19. he makes one bit of sense and he gets an admin gig?! I spend my whole time disagreeing with you and you jsut dismiss me as some crazy person.
    no fair

  20. sorry Aces, great comment but too late: I already have an admin.
    his name is Ross McD

  21. I could give a shit about Thor and Captain America BUT – I do agree with you. The Cap reference was pretty lame, and the after the credits scene was just awful.

  22. […] The Avengers.  This guy is a bit of a household name whether or not you know who he is.  Although Ross McG does think he’s Captain Planet.  My only concern with this one is that Chris Evans is cast. […]

  23. McG! stop putting people off this awesome film!
    Just got round to seeing it, solid comic book stuff, eight out of ten, easily.
    Sam Rockwell FTW!
    The way you were going on, you’d swear the rest of the avengers were jostling for screen time, but they had one obscure reference each. That Mjolnir at the end was disappointingly prop-y though, looked like something that came with a happy meal.

  24. McD… who would have thought you would be easily impressed by some big explosions and CGI?
    FTW? Mjolinir? speak to me in a language i can understand, Misteeerrrrr Scientist.


    Sooooo nice to have you back. The voice of reason has been restored. I knew you would be on my side. I always liked you better 😉

  26. just because he comes first in the alphabet

  27. McG: what can I say…it’s all about the alphabetising

    McD: that better not be a cut and paste from the Robin Hood thread.

  28. Yep, you touched on just about every single problem this film has. The only thing I might add is that some of the performances are lackluster.

    Although, going in I expected this film to be a mess so I can’t say I see this film as much of a disappointment.

  29. The wedding is OFF Katie
    You dont like Gladiator?
    And I thought I knew you…….I’m hurt

  30. Wow – a real Marmite film this one, only lovers and haters!

  31. Wait! I can explain!!!!

    I don’t exactly not like it. I think the last half hour or so is pure poetry. But it takes an awfully long time to get going.
    However, I’ve only seen it once, and I alwats say you can’t judge a film until you’ve seen it twice.
    I’ll give it another chance. Just for you.

  32. Thought it was Ok to say the least. Check out my review here: http://dtmmr.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/iron-man-2-2010/

  33. Sam Rockwell was my least favorite part of the movie. I felt like he was an awkward kid doing a Tony Stark/RDJ impersonation and it totally FAILED. Then again, Mickey Rourke was pretty stanky too, him never saying a word and just looking like a burly Russian zombie. Then again, Scarlett Johansson kind of had no purpose other than to look hot. Then again, the whole movie didn’t have a purpose other than to make money and to set up “The Avengers” which is only for them to make more money.

  34. MapAnendajene Says:

    Content ease me to invent kitty

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