Hannibal v Red Dragon

Cook up some fava beans and have a glass of Chianti at the ready… it’s a lick-lipping battle starring everyone’s favourite old cuddly person-eater, Hannibal Lecter. Click the image above or HERE to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


12 Responses to “Hannibal v Red Dragon”

  1. Here’s the thing, I never bought into any of the Hannibal films because, with Lecter, Hopkins is pulling an mega Olivier – double helpings of ham for everyone and don’t spare the high camp.

    Manhunter is miles above these sub-par thrillers in every respect (just check out the white walled institute compared to Demme’s far too literal dungeon) and, Ross McD, you really need to check it out to see what a poor film Red Dragon really is. You may apologise for your oversight later.

  2. Hmmmm…

    Hannibal: Ray Liotta eating his own brains.

    Red Dragon: the least shitty thing about Brett Ratner’s career, not that that’s saying much.

    Gonna have to go with Ray Liotta eating his own brains.

  3. Hannibal, hands down.

  4. Hannibal, when in doubt always go with Ridley Scott.

  5. I really don’t care for either of these movie at a risk of agreeing with McG Manhunter is the best Hannibal Lecter movie and Brian Cox is the best Hannibal Lecter.

    I have been saying that since I first say Silence of the Lambs nearly twenty years ago, I am just glad a few people have started to agree with me.

  6. Have to agree with Andy and Wynter and I’m not really into the whole Hannibal thing anyway or indeed that genre. They terrify me too much (but I did make an exception for Silence of the Lambs)

  7. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    How about … neither and I get to pick “Silence of the Lambs”?

    Sorry, but it’s just anatomically impossible to eat your own brains. Good Lord. All the creepiness of the original is just killed by both of these.

  8. I must be the only person in the world who did not care for Manhunter. Then again, I found Hannibal and Red Dragon to be perfectly adequate. Not the masterpieces they kinda deserved to be, but perfectly adequate.

  9. Hannibal and Red Dragon were okay on their own, but they are always going to be compared to Silence of The Lambs, and I’m with Meredith here, I’d just have to vote for that out of principal alone. I suppose we do a write in vote!

  10. both movies were good but hannibal had more atmosphere and was genuinely creepy and i love hans zimmers chilling score i found red dragon to be a little flat not a single scene worth remembering

  11. “Manhunter” is far superior to either of these, and slightly better than “Silence of the Lambs”. Brian Cox vs Anthony Hopkins? Hands down for Cox.

    But I will go with Red Dragon over Hannibal, it’s a train wreck aside from Gary Oldman.

  12. Red Dragon, for a lot of reasons. In Hannibal, the guys just a showoff getting on a fucking merry go round to taunt Clarice, wtf? In Red Dragon, we get to see Hannibal before he was caught, working alongside the cops, having to help them catch HIM. And then we see them actually helping them, sorta, developing a relationship with the tooth fairy, i wanna say brother relationship, cause at this point he was too young to be a father-son one. anyway, its just better. that chick that played clarice in hannibal was awful, norton does a great job here.

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