Batman v The Dark Knight

Let me tell you about these guys I know. Ross McD and Ross McG. Mean kids. Bad seeds. Hurt people. Do you like them already? Well, you have to decide which one you like more. click HERE or the picture above to read this bat-tle at Metro Film Fight Club.


6 Responses to “Batman v The Dark Knight”

  1. gotta say Batman 1 – it isn’t ball achingly long or pretentious and 2 – Batman himself is a much more difficult figure to comprehend as he doesn’t spend hours explaining over and over again what the film is about.

    had Dark Knight been 40 – 60 minutes shorter then it would have been a contest

  2. “The Dark Knight” by a mile. Simply a much more lasting vision.

  3. As many problems as I have with TDK, it’s simply a better film than Burton’s Batman, which hasn’t aged well at all.

    I see more problems with TDK with every viewing, especially that stupid boat scene.

  4. Im like you James Blake Ewing. ive seen the Dark Knight a lot and still love it but every time i watch it i find something new i dont like. Harvey Dent flips his coin every minute of the final act, which just gets annoying. the boat scene as you say is so needless its untrue,
    i still think 1989 Batman holds up though. Keaton is such a great Batman

  5. I still hold Burton’s Batman very close to my heart, it changed pop culture’s perception of Batman for mainstream audiences, who thought he was no more than “Pure West”.

    However The Dark Knight is probably the closest thing to a perfect Batman film. Keaton could’ve been a great Batman (instead of simply a good Batman) if Burton actually bothered enough to care about him as much as he cared about The Joker.

    One thing Burton gets right over Nolan (in TDK, not so much in Batman Begins strangely) is the look of Gotham City.

    Good blog by the way lads, first time here. Looks ace.

  6. Cheers Andrew, good to have you.
    I completely agree, I didn’t like the look of Gotham in Begins either – everything is brown!

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