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When Johnny Met Timmy… the Depp and Burton movie collaborations

Posted in TOP FIVES with tags , , , , on May 8, 2012 by Ross McG

Johnny Depp is back. And this time he’s in a Tim Burton movie. Come on, none of us saw that coming, right? This time it’s the remake of cult TV show (‘cult’, of course, means not one living soul watched it) Dark Shadows, in which Depp plays a mysterious kook. Who would have thought it?! To mark this biennial event, Ross McG puts all the Depp/Burton concoctions into one big mix. Continue reading


Top five… signs Johnny Depp MAY be a drug user

Posted in TOP FIVES with tags , , , , , , , on March 14, 2011 by Ross McD

Johnny Depp is a user. Indeed, no women (and few men) would mind being used by Johnny Depp. Anyway, to (track)mark the release of the clearly drug-induced Rango, Ross McD and Phantom’s Cinerama produce the evidence… Continue reading

Hook v Pirates of the Caribbean

Posted in BATTLES with tags , , , , , , , , on March 7, 2011 by rossvross

Pirates… they’re not as fun as they used to be. Instead of yo-ho-ho-ing, singing sea shanties, drinking barrels of rum and inexplicably burying treasure instead of spending it, pirates now prefer actually kidnapping and killing people off the coast of Somalia. At least they’re still a bit of craic on screen. The Rosses take a Long John look at the silver screen’s best buccaneers. Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club. Continue reading

Blog Post Of The Week: Alice In Wonderland review

Posted in BLOG POST OF THE WEEK with tags , , , on January 13, 2011 by Ross McG

What a week it’s been for cinema. Well, if you’re a James Bond fan. As the great Fandango over at the equally great Fandango Groovers blog knows, I am not the biggest of Bond fans (although I will admit that GoldenEye is perhaps the greatest film ever made). But it’s not 007 that’s made our already prestigious Blog Post Of The Week slot – it’s something else that tends to grind my gears: Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. This is a film I thought was an absolute unoriginal mess – here’s my review – so when our old pal Katie at The Stories That Really Mattered, who is a bigger Burton fan than Helena Bonham Carter, took a look at it this week it peaked my interest. Although she is wrong (hehe), Katie makes some good arguments for the film, and as usual her enthusiasm always shines through. Check out the post HERE or click on the pic above. Hope you all had a good week. Blog Post Of The Week will return in… Blog Post Of The Week next week. Yes, that was a terrible Bond gag. Continue reading

Happy Trails Hans: Alice In Wonderland

Posted in HAPPY TRAILS HANS with tags , , , , , , on July 30, 2009 by Hans Gruber

Hatter HansYou can’t keep a good bad guy down. Hans Gruber is back. And this time he’s casting his evil eye over the trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice In Wonderland adaptation. Yippee-kay-yay. Continue reading