Happy Trails Hans: Alice In Wonderland

Hatter HansYou can’t keep a good bad guy down. Hans Gruber is back. And this time he’s casting his evil eye over the trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice In Wonderland adaptation. Yippee-kay-yay.

Right. There’s a girl running through the woods. This looks a bit like Big Fish. Okay, she’s fallen down a hole and hit her head on some black and white tiles. This looks a bit like Beetlejuice. Oh, she’s wondering through a creepy forest now. This looks a bit like Sleepy Hollow. There’s a big menacing looking cat heading at the screen. This looks a bit like Batman Returns.

‘There is a place… like no place on Earth.’  Maybe so, but I sure have seen this place before in a lot of movies.

Helena Bonham Carter is playing somebody weird. This looks a bit like Planet Of The Apes/Sweeney Todd/Corpse Bride. Oo, Johnny Depp is playing someone weird too. This looks a bit like Sweeney Todd/Corpse Bride/Edward Scissorhands/Ed Wood/Sleepy Hollow. And he’s wearing purple and a top hat. This looks a bit like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Oh, I really hope Danny Elfman is doing the music for this. Yep, he is.

I just hope director Tim Burton can adjust to being on such uncommon ground with this movie and pull it off.

VERDICT: Just another American who saw too many movies as a child

Two stars





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2 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: Alice In Wonderland”

  1. Nooo Hans have some faith! I’m really looking forward to this, its the sort of film Tim Burton was born to make

  2. Curiouser and curiouser…..

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