Stardust v The Princess Bride

stardustprincessbrideIt’s a fantasy battle so fantastic we didn’t even have to write it ourselves. Our good pal Katie over at The Stories That Really Mattered has done it all by herself. The full story and the link to her battle is after the jump…

Following a Great Scenes feature written for this site by our very own Justin Michaels on The Princess Bride a while back, Katie from super movie blog The Stories That Really Mattered asked us in the comments section to pit the movie against a more recent adventure film, Stardust. When we Rosses didn’t bother to get off our arses and write it, she did what any self-respecting blogger would do and wrote it herself. So check out her battle HERE and have a good root around her site. It’s great stuff.

Ross McD and Ross McG

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One Response to “Stardust v The Princess Bride”

  1. Thanks for the plug guys 😀

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