Great Scenes… The Princess Bride

Border princess

Inconceivable. All you have to do is utter that one word and any movie fan worth his iocane powder will think of the great intellect Vizzini, played by the brilliant Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride. Here he goes up against the Man In Black (Cary Elwes) in a battle of wits to find out who is right… and who is dead.

A few years ago I tried to watch The Princess Bride with a couple of females who shall remain nameless but not blameless. Just 20 minutes into Rob Reiner’s inconceivably fun romantic adventure, they asked me to turn it off. Fair enough: everyone has their own taste and many of my own favourite flicks only became so after repeat viewings, but they sure did miss a real treat that afternoon. If The Princess Bride were a box of Celebrations, the Battle of Wits scene would undoubtledly be its Malteser – crunchy and tasty. Cary Elwes and Wallace Shawn’s sparring to win Robin Wright’s princess is a delight. William Goldman’s script is punchy (‘Never get involved in a land war in Asia’) but it is delivered brilliantly by the two actors. This scene could be twice as long and still not outstay its welcome. Its lasting triumph is in its outcome, which while funny, still leaves me a little bit sad…

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7 Responses to “Great Scenes… The Princess Bride”

  1. Fantastic scene. I love how references to it pop up in the least expected places.
    I was watching West Wing tonight and Abbey Bartlet casually says ‘you bested my swordsman’. I’ve seen that episode a good two or three times now and never noticed before…

  2. I ❤ the Princess Bride. I suggest you get new friends who appreciate it more 😛
    This is crying out for a battle with Stardust. If you don't wirte it I will!

  3. I was babysitting for my three very lively small nephews some time back and finally, in desperation, I put on my dvd of The Princess Bride. They loved it so much that the ended up taking the it home with them, where they watch it all the time. The older two can now quote the final duel between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen verbatim to amuse me – it almost makes up for my lost dvd.

  4. Ray Anselmo Says:

    As good as the showdown with Vezzini is, the swordfight between Inigo and “The Dread Pirate Roberts” is even better. I can’t count how many times I’ve used the line, “get used to disappointment.” Works in so many contexts.

  5. […] (”My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”) and as has been demonstrated, contains some classic scenes.  In fact, I’d go as far as to argue that Stardust refernces […]

  6. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Another great scene from “Princess Bride” — Miracle Max cures Westley of being nearly dead. This scene is made by the line “You rush a miracle man you get rotten miracles.”

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