Happy Trails Hans: The Last Airbender

Airbender HansHans Gruber is back to take a look at the latest trailers: this week it’s another cartoon to big screen crossover…

M Night Shyamalan attached, wow what’s the twist going to be this time? That the film is good?… Chinese flute, no prizes for guessing which cardinal point this film is set in… ooh look at all those candles!… ‘he is the last of his kind’ – aren’t they always? The second-last guy must just always be uninteresting, I guess… Oh he blew a few candles out there, nice trick. And after taking all that time to light them all too… few more tricks with his stick… ‘some believe he is the chosen one’ – last of his kind/lost powerful empire/chosen one, this is starting to sound real original. Who chooses these chosen ones anyway?… he’s blown out some more candles, yes we just saw you do that. This guy must be a real hit at birthday parties… ‘bring balance to the Force, sorry world at war’… oh now he’s blown out all the candles. If his adversary is some kind of candle-based villain, he’s in a world of trouble… haha someone’s drawn an arrow on his face!… NEXT SUMMER… more blowing, he seems to have blown some guys off a cliff there. Some of them are clinging to ropes in a not-too-convincing special effect… Star Destroyers! In the water! They don’t have sails luckily, I feel they might have been used to their disadvantage… They’re all firing rockets. Surely overkill, no?… unless they are somehow mystically blown off course… The Last Airbender? What sort of a name is that?

This trailer blows, in many ways. The three little piggies must be literally crapping themselves. But it’s based on a cartoon (Avatar – no it has nothing to do with James Cameron) so it might be a bit of fun.

VERDICT: I’m going to count to three. There will not be a fourthree stars




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3 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: The Last Airbender”

  1. I just watched this trailer!
    I actually thought it looked kind of good, sorry Hans. The Last Airbender is a terrible name for a movie, but it moght be ok….

  2. Jesus, I didn’t expect Sinead O’Connor to be under that dressing gown.

    This is gonna be full of surprises…

  3. It doesn’t even deserve 1 star after what this movie does to such a brilliant show.

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