Top Five… Michael Jackson Movie Tributes


This is it! This is it! What is it? Why, it’s the best moments in film inspired by the King of Pop, of course. Don’t stop ’til you get enough…

5. Charlie’s Angels

Because of the ghastly abomination that was Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle, people forget that the first Charlie’s Angels film is actually not bad – any movie with Sam Rockwell, Crispin Glover and Bill Murray can’t be a total disaster. I have never liked Drew Barrymore as an actress (she ruined Music and Lyrics for me) but her shambolic Jacko dance to Billie Jean after laying the smackdown on some henchmen is a fitting finish to some girl power. Go to 1m56 for the worst Moonwalk in cinematic history. Fun though.

4. Moonwalker

One of the best Jacko tributes comes in a Jacko movie. What could be better than the ridiculous video for Bad than the ridiculous video for Bad with children replacing the original dancers. The ‘wanted’ poster with the King of Pop’s face on it (at 2m25) while a bunch of kids dance around is, ahem, slightly unfortunate, but at least there is no place in this version for Wesley Snipes.

3. Zoolander

If only he had listened to his friend Billy Zane. Thankfully for us, Derek Zoolander decided to go toe-to-toe with nemesis Hansel in this outrageous walk-off set to the strains of Jackson’s Beat It, beginning at 1m15. A note-taking turn from David Bowie is just an added musical bonus. Although it is David Bowie in Italian.

2. 13 Going On 30

Following in the fine body-swapping tradition of Freaky Friday, Big Business and Vice Versa (are body-swapping movies contracted to have alliteration in their titles?), 13 Going On 30 is excellent fun, with Jennifer Garner hurling herself into the role of a teenager. Here, she and the always-watchable Mark Ruffalo get to grips with Thriller, in a sequence as grin-inducing as the rest of the movie. That Gollum sure can dance.

1. Back To The Future Part III

And in with a bullet at No 1 is this: the only time you are ever likely to see Clint Eastwood doing the Moonwalk. Marty McFly shows he ain’t yella by adopting the moniker of a Western legend and performing some of the slickest dance moves around to foil Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen. 1885 just didn’t know what had hit it. Great Scott! Great feet, too.




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3 Responses to “Top Five… Michael Jackson Movie Tributes”

  1. Classic moments all. Gotta love Andy Serkis giving it his all. Love that man. Have met him too (and yes I got him to do the voice) he’s wicked.

  2. Zoolander dance off was awesome.

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