Blog Post Of The Week: Alice In Wonderland review

What a week it’s been for cinema. Well, if you’re a James Bond fan. As the great Fandango over at the equally great Fandango Groovers blog knows, I am not the biggest of Bond fans (although I will admit that GoldenEye is perhaps the greatest film ever made). But it’s not 007 that’s made our already prestigious Blog Post Of The Week slot – it’s something else that tends to grind my gears: Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. This is a film I thought was an absolute unoriginal mess – here’s my review – so when our old pal Katie at The Stories That Really Mattered, who is a bigger Burton fan than Helena Bonham Carter, took a look at it this week it peaked my interest. Although she is wrong (hehe), Katie makes some good arguments for the film, and as usual her enthusiasm always shines through. Check out the post HERE or click on the pic above. Hope you all had a good week. Blog Post Of The Week will return in… Blog Post Of The Week next week. Yes, that was a terrible Bond gag.


One Response to “Blog Post Of The Week: Alice In Wonderland review”

  1. It was just a mess. But I did like it slightly better the second time around, when my expectations were lowered.

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