‘Movie stars are scared of me’ – the Darren Aronofsky interview

We have a bit of a coup for you on Ross v Ross today. Darren Aronofsky is one of the most exciting directors around and he sat down with Ross McG recently for a chat about ballet, the horror movies that still scare him, why directing is like a drug and how he treated Mickey Rourke like a donkey. To read the interview at Metro.co.uk, click HERE or the picture above.


7 Responses to “‘Movie stars are scared of me’ – the Darren Aronofsky interview”

  1. Woot! Woot! Congrats man, great interview, well done!

    I gotta laugh reading the ‘whip and carrot’ comment about Rourke, ha..ha.. I don’t think he likes hearing that. I haven’t seen Black Swan yet but from what Darren said about Natalie, sounds like she truly deserved all the kudos she’s been receiving, including last night’s Globes.

    Oh and The Exorcist is THE scariest horror movies I wish I could un-see.

  2. Nice interview Ross McG! Great questions on a number of subjects. Moving up the ladder I see 😉

  3. […] McG interviews Darren Aronofsky and Roger Mitchell! (Ross v […]

  4. Agreed – nice scoop and solid interview.

    Any questions that didn’t make the final draft that you can share with us?

  5. cheers Fletch, no questions I can think of off the top of my head, anything in particular you would ask aronofsky?

  6. Hmmm….I’d have to work hard to resist asking about his resemblance to David Arquette.

    Aside from that…maybe “WTF was the ending of The Fountain all about?” Just kidding, I know it was about trees or something, right?

    What do you have against your lead characters? Are you harboring some secret resentment against the actors?

    In other words, no I can’t. Not without preparation, anyway.

  7. hehe, theyre all good questions. david arquette lols.
    yeah, he puts his leads through the mill, thats for sure.
    the fountain is a funny one. its meant to be this love or hate it movie but i found it just solid, three stars if you will. thought Jackman was very good in it, particularly considering all the bizarro shit he had to do

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