Top five… signs Johnny Depp MAY be a drug user

Johnny Depp is a user. Indeed, no women (and few men) would mind being used by Johnny Depp. Anyway, to (track)mark the release of the clearly drug-induced Rango, Ross McD and Phantom’s Cinerama produce the evidence…

Click here to hear the list: Top 5 signs Johnny Depp MAY be a drug user


8 Responses to “Top five… signs Johnny Depp MAY be a drug user”

  1. It’s interesting, I was just watching Ed Wood last week and it reminded me of how good an actor Depp can be. I liked Rango, but you’re right. “Walking Cacti” and Timothy olyphant wandering in the desert with a metal detector digging up phone Oscars in the persona of a famous Western actor? Not the product of a healthy mind.

  2. Depp has to be on something. Doesn’t he live on a vineyard or something – he’s probably making home brews of some very strong stuff!

  3. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Just watch one of his movies. Aside from “Nick of Time,” he looks whacked out in ALL OF THEM.

  4. Nick Of Time!! great shout! Depp and Walken… doesnt get any better than that. well, it does. but you know what i mean

  5. Oh yeah Nick of time! I remember that, was in real time if I’m not mistaken, which I thought was a superb idea at the time. AND I’m watching the superb season two of 24 as I type this, to which I had mistakenly attributed the invention of real time until this very moment.
    Who was the daughter in Nick of time? She grew up to be famous right? Hang on til I google it…*googles*… Oh right, she was in Blossom. Not that famous then

  6. youd like Time Code then McD, its in real time on four screens at once. and it has Salma Hayek. no Artimus Clyde Frog though

  7. Ahhh Johnny Depp….sorry got distracted there…

  8. Come on! He didn’t write these scripts. Every film he has done was written and directed by someone else. Give the guy a break. He’s a got a good rep for being a good guy. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. We all have our demons. Leave the man be.

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