Jaws v Jurassic Park

Thanks to a recent excellent cinematic documentary, we now know who would win in a fight between a Mega Shark and a Giant Octopus. Sadly, with 65 million years separating them, we may never know who would win in a fight between a shark and a dinosaur. But with a little help from Steven Spielberg, the Rosses make their cases. Click HERE or the pic above to read the arguments.

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13 Responses to “Jaws v Jurassic Park”

  1. McD’s right about Jurassic Park’s ‘monsters’ – they are brilliantly realised. I was watching that crappy Will Ferrell film when he goes back to another dimension or something and fights a load of dinasaurs – complete poo poo – but what it illustrated was just how good Spielberg’s special-effects were back in 1993. 17 years later and the best digital artists can’t get anywhere near to the quality or realism of Jurassic Park. But, in a straight fight between films…Jaws is the better movie.

    JP has its moments but I will still go to a dinasaur theme park as soon as they recreate them from DNA in tree sap and open Dino-Alton Towers. BUT, I won’t back in the water!

  2. I agree with McG on this one. Jaws is just so brilliantly constructed that almost everything else Spielberg made pales in comparison. Jurassic Park is fun, but I’ll never watch it again while Jaws will always remain with grabbing distance of my TV.

  3. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    I’ll have to join the chorus — It’s “Jaws” all the way. If it’s even possible — I’m not a science person, so I’m ignorant on that subject — to clone dinosaurs in this fashion, it won’t happen overnight. Great white sharks, however, exist HERE and NOW, and that immediate impact means people who’ve seen “Jaws” thinks about it when they tread into the ocean.

  4. Dun dun dun dun dun dun… I’d have to go with JAWS, but tough call as those T-Rex scared the heck out of me as well. But at least they’re contained in some remote island, while the ocean is everywhere!!

  5. That swimming image is brilliant.

    This is the hardest decision I’ve had to make in a while (…I don’t have to make very many decisions..). I would have to go with…..Jurassic Park!

    I was more traumatised by Jaws, but Jurassic Park impressed me greatly as a young’un. I also remember being disturbingly fascinated with Jeff Goldblum…

  6. The dinosaurs are great; shame the movie is so forgettable. Now Jaws IS A MOVIE. When I first saw it as a kid I had nightmares about the decomposed head. Sorry McD its a battle you can’t win this time!

    By the way McG, I didn’t know anyone else had seen The Dish, I thought it was just me and the three other people at the cinema when I saw it.

  7. Roy Scheider and sharks? Easy choice.

  8. Jurassic Park all the way! My best movie theater experience ever.

  9. Jaws is just the master at suspense, but doesn’t leave out the little bits of comedy it has.

  10. Jaws is seriously lacking in the Jeff Goldblum and Newman department, but JP really didn’t stand a chance this time around.

  11. Okay, Jurassic Park. It’s horrible to have to choose here. Each are genius in their own way and both have influenced and changed film forever, but I prefer Jurassic Park at the end of the day.

  12. Dude, this is your best battle yet!
    I have to say I honestly don’t know. Jaws seems like the obvious choice but it had an extra 15 years to get soaked up… GEEZ!

  13. Loved reading this thank yyou

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