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Oscar Special: Best Picture Battle

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We have gone a little Oscar crazy this week. With a little help from our friends. In an epic ten-way battle, Ross McD and Ross McG are joined by eight of their fellow movie bloggers to find out which Best Picture contender ought to go home with the Oscar this Sunday. All you have to do is read the arguments and vote for your favourite in our poll below. Click HERE or the rather spiffing image above to read this battle exclusively at Metro Film Fight Club. Continue reading


Inception v Inception

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Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming… yet. In honour of Christopher Nolan’s latest mindmelder, with its premise of a dream within a dream within a dream within a, er, dream, gives you a battle within a battle. It’s Inception v Inception. It’s Ross McD v Ross McG. All you have to do is tell us which Ross you agree with more. Sweet dreams…Click HERE or on the pic above to read this battle. Continue reading

RvRant: Inception

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And now for something completely different. Inspired by seeing Inception, Ross McD and Ross McG had the following email conversation. Normally we wouldn’t subject you guys to this sort of guff, but it does have some revealing insights into the tiny minds of the Rosses and we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on the movie. WARNING: there be plenty of Inception spoilers below, so if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read on. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much. Continue reading

RvReview: Toy Story 3 / Predators / Inception

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Ross McD, Gav Burke and the crew from Phantom 105.2’s Cinerama check out July’s latest releases including Predators, Inception and Toy Story 3 Continue reading

Happy Trails Hans: Inception

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Inception hansYes, I am back. And this time I’m reviewing the teaser trailer for the new film by Christopher Nolan. I wanted this to be professional, efficient, adult, co-operative. Not a lot to ask… Continue reading