Happy Trails Hans: Inception

Inception hansYes, I am back. And this time I’m reviewing the teaser trailer for the new film by Christopher Nolan. I wanted this to be professional, efficient, adult, co-operative. Not a lot to ask…

‘From Christopher Nolan’. He’s quite a good director, isn’t he? Then why are they using the same music they used for the Transformers 2 trailer? There’s a spinning top. Symbolism, in a trailer? Looks like I might have to use my brain in this film.

Overhead shot of a cityscape – is this the new Batman movie? It’s got brains and a big city, what this movie needs now is a star… it’s Leo! Is DiCaprio Batman? Is he The Riddler? He’s in a helicopter on the roof of a tall building like that scene where Morgan Freeman goes to Hong Kong in Batman. Is Leo Batman? Oh, now there’s a clip of water moving around in a glass. Is this Jurassic Park 4? ‘Your mind is the scene of the crime…’ Yes, yes, but who’s carrying out the crimes? Catwoman? The Penguin? Is Leo Batman?

A corridor is all slanty – this is Batman! Nolan is returning to the roots of the 60s TV show! BIFF! BOSH! OOMPH! Brilliant! Someone is having a bath now and that fight in the slanty corridor is still going on – GAZAP! There’s a ticking clock. Leo has just woken up – it looks like he’s on a train now.

The camera is panning up from the streets to reveal the name of the film like in the Sin City trailer – it is a comic book movie! And the title is… Batman! – No, it’s called Inception. Which, if you say it really quickly, sounds a little like Batman. Is Leo Batman?

VERDICT: Thank you Mr Cowboy, I’ll take it under advisement.

four stars


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3 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: Inception”

  1. Haha. A new Batman would be kickass, but even the teaser for Inception looks pretty awesome. It’s Chris Nolan, of course it’s gonna be awesome.

  2. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Methinks we’ll all be usin’ our brains for this one. But that’s what Nolan does best — make us think our way through his movies. It’s that “Memento” mentality.

  3. I’m not too sure about this one but definitely watch the trailer for Shutter Island it actually looks awesome.

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