Oscar Special: Best Picture Battle

We have gone a little Oscar crazy this week. With a little help from our friends. In an epic ten-way battle, Ross McD and Ross McG are joined by eight of their fellow movie bloggers to find out which Best Picture contender ought to go home with the Oscar this Sunday. All you have to do is read the arguments and vote for your favourite in our poll below. Click HERE or the rather spiffing image above to read this battle exclusively at Metro Film Fight Club.


14 Responses to “Oscar Special: Best Picture Battle”

  1. Winter’s Bone needs to get a little bit more love. Fusing neo-noir and neo-realism in an Ozark setting takes some serious guts. It’s challenging filmmaking. I’m still a firm believer that Black Swan was the best pic, but I wish most people weren’t so quick to dismiss Winter’s Bone.

  2. glad to see BS is your favourite John. i did enjoy/endure Winters Bone, contrary to my slagging it off, im just not sure i could sit through it again any time soon. makes Requiem for a Dream look thoroughly uplifting

  3. Now that King’s Speech cleaned up the BAFTAs I think it’s run is over. I was split 50/50 between Black Swan and 127 Hours. Days after seeing both, only Swan really stuck with me making me think more and more about it. It’s been my vote for weeks:)

    On the other hand, TSN is good, quite good in fact but something about it tells me it won’t win. Same for Inception and Toy Story 3. If Oscar unpredictability has taught me anything (e.g. real deserving ones get snubbed), the rest are real wild cards. You never can tell right?:P

  4. I’ll definitely admit, I have a soft spot for Winter’s Bone since it was filmed in my home state.

    And no, I don’t have any relatives named Thump or Jed or Jethro.

  5. what about ‘Granny’?

  6. I’m just willing on the underdogs…it would be nice to see a surprise. That said, I wouldn’t mind The King’s Speech winning – one up for the Brits!

  7. As much as I love Inception but I’m not voting for that one. My vote goes to The King’s Speech because apart from Inception, TKS is the only movie that makes me want to see it just after watching the trailer. It was a beautiful movie…I love it

  8. I think Social Network should win but King’s Speech may sneak in and take it.
    Thanks for having me on fellas. I will be plugging it on the site Thursday!

  9. Inception…nothing else looked like it.

  10. Thanks for including me, guys.

    I’d love to see Inception win, but that’s never gonna happen. I can’t believe, however, that Aidan wrote 100 words on The Social Network without using some variation of “The Social Network isn’t coming back for it’s 30%. It’s coming back for EVERYTHING.”

    So I favour The King’s Speech to win, statistically, but I think Fincher may (by the skin on his teeth) steal the Best Director award, simply because the last time the split happened, it was a first-time nominee’s film winning Best Picture and a veteran taking Best Director.

  11. I’m pretty sure you changed the entire outcome of the Best Picture race with my argument. I would have to say Winter’s Bone is a definite lock to win it.

  12. I voted for Black Swan and The King’s Speech. Loved the stories, cinematography, acting, screenplay, and the general “awesomeness” of the films!

  13. Castor, i think the Winter’s Bone camp are already organising taking out adverts in the trades on Monday thanking you for landing them the Oscar

  14. Was Grown Ups not nominated? I thought Dugan was a lock.

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