Top Five… Worst George Clooney moments

It’s the beginning of Oscar week on RvR. And who better to kick it off with than perrenial Oscar-botherer George Clooney. Don’t expect to see any golden statuettes in this piece, however, as Ross McD remembers the bad times on Phantom’s Cinerama radio show. Listen to the list after the jump…

Click here to hear the list: Top 5 Worst George Clooney moments


3 Responses to “Top Five… Worst George Clooney moments”

  1. “Oscar botherer” – this, for some reason, put some very strange images in my head – think of an oversexed George C doing unspeakable things with those little golden men. And to say they can’t even defend themselves.

    Hated Micheal Clayton. I thought I was the only one. Glad I’m not!

  2. Three words: Bat credit card.
    Though it was (almost) clever the “expiry” date was “Forever”.

  3. hehe high five McD, you sound like an announcer at Croker!!! Although i dont think you could quantify 90 mins as a “moment” as such, but that movie he did recently were he was the quiet hitman in Italy and the story never went anywere, is surely up there. Man he still gets the chicks though.

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