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Dumb & Dumber v Me, Myself & Irene

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The Farrelly Brothers + Jim Carrey ≠ Hard hitting docu-drama. It’s Lloyd and Harry v Hank and Charlie for the theatrical tag team title of top Carrey comedy. Click HERE or the pic above to read the arguments. Continue reading


Ross v Ross v… Sacred Cows!

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Sacred Cows: the films everybody loves, and you are supposed to too. Except you don’t. You and you alone know they suck. So why does the world disagree? Sick of listening to Ross McD rule the airwaves unchallenged, Ross McG jumps in to pit his Top 5 Guilty Dislikes against his foe. Gav Burke from Phantom 105.2’s Cinerama referees… Continue reading

Top Five… Dream Sequences

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border witch

We all daydream from time to time. Whether it involves stroking Matt Damon’s hair or selling your fledgling movie website to a rich businessman, it’s good to fantasise. So we love it when movie characters do it as well. Here are five of my favourites. Continue reading