Top Five… Dream Sequences

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We all daydream from time to time. Whether it involves stroking Matt Damon’s hair or selling your fledgling movie website to a rich businessman, it’s good to fantasise. So we love it when movie characters do it as well. Here are five of my favourites.

5. Dumb And Dumber

In a movie jam-packed with great moments, this fight-filled reverie from the brilliantly-named Lloyd Christmas still manages to stand out. Killer boots to the groin, man.

4. Carrie

Any other horror would cut off its right arm for one of Carrie’s three brilliant endings. First she kills everyone at the prom, then she has a knife death match with her scary mother and then there is this: a nightmare to end a perfectly nightmarish film.

3. Vanilla Sky

Despite being a grower of a movie, it’s hard not to immediately spot the brilliance of this opening, the first and best of many dream sequences. The Cruiser + Running = Box Office Gold.

2. The Wizard Of Oz

Not so much a dream sequence as a dream film. Dorothy’s entire excursion in Oz was just the result of some shuteye until the little muppet could say Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Watch how the ungrateful wench ‘accidentally’ wipes out that lovely green lady here.

1. Top Secret!

What’s worse than being beaten up by ruthless, bloodthirsty Nazis? Realising you haven’t studied for your school exams, that’s what. Inglourious Basterds will have to go some to be even half as good as this.



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6 Responses to “Top Five… Dream Sequences”

  1. Justin Michaels Says:

    meh. now THIS is a dream sequence: Gun-toting wolves, machine guns and Kermit the Frog –

  2. One word: “Gutterballs”.

    The Dude. Maude Lebowski. Saddam Hussein. Total 100% greatness.

  3. Good choices, I really need to watch Vanilla Sky again, as seem to appreciate it more after each viewing.

    The Wizard of Oz is such a classic !!!

  4. I adore the ending of “Carrie” – partly for it’s total shock value, but mostly because of the time that I saw it on first release in a half-full cinema in my home town. The local Cool Guy, who all the girls fancied, was in the row in front of us – leather jacket, greased hair and smoking away like he was the town’s answer to the Fonz (this was 1970’s North County Dublin). When the hand comes out of the ground, not only did he scream like a little girl, he also jumped so high in fright that he landed on the armrest between two seats and nearly crippled himself. He walked out of that cinema like an old man.

  5. Dear god, Dumb and Dumber dream sequence is one of the funniest f**king things out there. Hands down winner.

  6. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Where’s that trippy sequence from “The Big Lebowski”? That’s right up there in my top five!

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