Ross v Ross v… Sacred Cows!

Sacred Cows: the films everybody loves, and you are supposed to too. Except you don’t. You and you alone know they suck. So why does the world disagree? Sick of listening to Ross McD rule the airwaves unchallenged, Ross McG jumps in to pit his Top 5 Guilty Dislikes against his foe. Gav Burke from Phantom 105.2’s Cinerama referees…

This radio battle was inspired by a post from our very own Lester Square – click HERE to read it.


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8 Responses to “Ross v Ross v… Sacred Cows!”

  1. I don’t think Murray is all that sleazy, but the ending is open to interpretation.

    But Heat?!

  2. The Shawshank Redemption for god sakes!!!

    I love Scarface, and most of the DePalma thang, precisely because it is so over the top and ham.

  3. Let the Right One In – It’s boring
    2001: A Space Odyssey – It’s also boring
    Lost In Translation (Most Bill Murray stuff) – Tedious and boring
    Crash – was that just about race? I couldn’t tell
    Garden State – Zach Braff’s playlist
    Sixth Sense / All Shyamalan films – ONE GOD DAMN TWIST!!!

    Good shout on the Shawshank above

    Also, never understood why The Great Escape’s such an institution. And can I mention Citizen Kane?

  4. McG: I have never seen Happy Feet, you know me and animation but I love all your other picks. McD: Heat is a classic I love it. I have never seen Dumb & Dumber. The Lost Boys is cheesy 80’s crap and is utterly brilliant for it, I love it. How can you not like Ferris Bueller? I have a confession, I have never seen E.T.

  5. ‘It’s his sled. He’s talking about his sled. There, I just saved you two boobless hours.’
    Family Guy – hit and miss. But when it hits, it hits.

  6. I disagree with some of these (like Sideways, Ferris Bueler & Lost Boys) but understand your point. Thank you for Scarface!!!! Seriously!!!!
    I also don’t get the Citizen Kane thing???
    Great performance but a weak film. I think Casablance and Gone With The Wind are better as far as classics go.
    Heat… Heat is toooooooo long but not horrible. The main reason that film gets love is a scene between DeNiro and Pacino and the shoot out… that’s all. I think it just comes down to whether or not you like Michael Mann films. I’ll take Collateral over Heat… and I am a Heat fan!
    2001 (mentioned above)… beautiful to watch but what the frack is that all about?
    For me, Godfather Films…. not bad but I just don’t see why they’re so beloved. I also feel like they get a lot of love for the same reasons as Scarface.

  7. I loved this! There are a lot of “sacred cows” out there for me, and I’m totally with Ross McD on Heat and ET, and Ross McG on Sideways (I chuckled at the comment as to why critics liked it). My others include The Godfather (long, boring, way too many awful dudes hanging around) and Breathless (I don’t think it’s as deep and meaningful as everyone else does, I guess).

  8. “The Shawshank Redemption” may be the most over-rated film ever”.

    “Crash” and “Forrest Gump” bot left me cold.

    ,,… an”The Passion of the Christ” ‘s claims to some sort of authenticity were laughable … all those women with their Hollywood make-up. A cross straight from the Cecil B.De Mille spring cross collection, a female devil flitting all over the place with her devil-kid, Jewish Priests “mwah-ha-ha-ha”-ing like pantomime villains and lots of silly Roman soldiers speaking Latin when , in that part of the world, at that time, they would be speaking Greek … and it was a grotesquely unpleasant film into the bargain.
    “, where he had either the Maya lingering 500 years too long, or the Spanish arriving 500 years too early to replace the bestial Maya with Christianity.

    We should also remember the fictitious affair William Wallace has with the future queen of Edward I I in “Braveheart” … she was still in diapers … this man should be kept away from historical subjects with a cattle-prod.

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