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The 27 movies Ross McG watched over Christmas

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It’s a Christmas tradition, isn’t it, sitting around, stuffing yourself with choccies and watching great, good, bad and terrible films? Listing the movies we watched over Christmas is something of a new year’s tradition at Ross v Ross, and you can check out my lists for Christmas 2012, Christmas 2010 and Christmas 2009 by clicking the links. Continue reading

The 29 Movies Ross McG Watched Over Christmas

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It’s that time of year again… where I run down the good, the bad and the very bad of the movies I watched over Christmas. This is something of an RvR tradition – you can see my Christmas 2009 list HERE and my Christmas 2010 list HERE. If you want to run through some really odd choices you can go for Ross McD’s 2009 list HERE. Somehow we both missed 2011’s movies. Must have eaten too much turkey. Anyway, here are the films I caught over the festive period in the last week or two. As always, some I watched in their entirety, some I watched large chunks of and some I caught just a tiny snippet. Come on, I had things to do. Like walk from the sofa to the kitchen and back to grab more chocolates. These movies are in the order I watched them, not rearranged by quality. Let us know what movies you watched over Christmas in the comments section and tell us what you think of my choices. Although in the case of Happy Feet, I didn’t have a choice… Continue reading

Review… Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

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Christmas. A time for giving. A time for receiving. A time for escaping from the evil clutches of Santa Claus. Continue reading

The Movies Ross McG Watched Over Christmas

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Happy new year? What’s happy about it? Just a few days ago I was in the middle of a glorious cycle of watching great and not-so-great films every day, while eating lots of junk. And now I’m not. Life can be so cruel sometimes. Continue reading

Top 16… Movies Ross McD Watched Over Christmas

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Why do we only watch films we’ve already seen over Christmas? It is easily our most condensed film viewing schedule of the year, yet we hardly ever see anything new. Are TV schedulers to blame? Or are we just that bit more nostalgic over the holidays? Only three of the films I watched this yuletide were for the first time – two in the cinema and one on DVD. TV sucks! Continue reading

Top 16… Movies Ross McG Watched Over Christmas

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Christmas is about a lot of things. Goodwill. Baby Jesus. Cliff Richard. But it’s also about watching movies. Here is my rundown of the films I caught over the festive period. Let us at RvR know what you watched in between turkey and more turkey… Continue reading

The Muppet Christmas Carol v Gremlins

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It’s the battle of the Christmas creatures! In the green corner, wearing felt and updating a Yuletide classic, it’s Kermit and Co. In the other green corner, covered in slime and slaying Santa, it’s Stripe and his gang. Click HERE or the image above to read our latest piece for Metro Film Fight Club! Continue reading

Great Christmas Scenes… Mean Girls

Posted in GREAT SCENES with tags , , , , on December 21, 2009 by Justin Michaels

meangirlsThis is what Christmas is really all about: teenage girls dressed as Santa slapping their thighs while wearing PVC skirts and black knee-high boots. It’s a shame this true meaning often gets forgotten amid all the commercialism. Continue reading