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Blog Post Of The Week: Three Breathtaking Movie Locations To Visit In 2011

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I have a real love/hate relationship going with Castor over at the movie blog Anomalous Material. I love him because his website is just all kinds of awesomeness and is one of the first I click on every day… and I hate him because his website is so awesome. Not the kind of hatred that keeps me up at night, but pretty damn close. This I’m sure is the first of many occasions when Castor’s stuff will feature in our blog post of the week and this one is a doozy. Click HERE or the pic above to read his envy-inspiringly detailed look at where Amélie, Sherlock Holmes and Batman Begins were shot. Good job, Castor. I still kind of hate you though. Continue reading


Top 16… Movies Ross McD Watched Over Christmas

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Why do we only watch films we’ve already seen over Christmas? It is easily our most condensed film viewing schedule of the year, yet we hardly ever see anything new. Are TV schedulers to blame? Or are we just that bit more nostalgic over the holidays? Only three of the films I watched this yuletide were for the first time – two in the cinema and one on DVD. TV sucks! Continue reading