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Inspired by vampire flick Byzantium: Top Five claws in movies

Posted in TOP FIVES with tags , , , on May 28, 2013 by Ross McD


The world needs another vampire movie like it needs a hole in the neck. Or two. Twilight haters could be forgiven for rolling their eyes at the trailer for Byzantium. It features another pale mopey teenager and a family of centuries-old vampires. But wait! It’s directed by Neil Jordan! And stars Saoirse Ronan! And best of all, the vampires seem to kill not by using their fangs, but with their gross pointy fingernails! Can they do that? I think they just did! Continue reading


The Lost Boys v The Monster Squad

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1987… U2 release The Joshua Tree. The Simpsons first appear on the Tracy Ullman Show. Nasa’s final deep space probe is launched by Captain Buck Rogers. But more importantly, two of the best ever monster gang movies are released. But which gang would kick the other’s ass? Click HERE or the scary picture above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club! Continue reading