Jason and the Argonauts v Clash of the Titans

Swords, sandals and sweet, sweet stop-motion – tonight’s main event features two of Harryhausen’s heaviest hitters. Borrowing from human history’s most fertile mythos are two films, about two men, on two quests: but which one’s epic, and which one’s eh… pc? Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


12 Responses to “Jason and the Argonauts v Clash of the Titans”

  1. Can’t say I was all that impressed by Harryhausen’s handywork in Titans, but that skeleton fight actually wasn’t half bad. ARGONAUTS FTW!

  2. Clash of the Titans, is the perfect 80s movie. Its got bad dialogue, bad makeup and clay, bad acting, but its still an epic film. When I watched it as a kid I never would have thought that I would love it as much as I do now.

  3. I lurve the original Titans. Good shout outs on Medusa and the Kraken, but the vulture, Cerebrus, and Cheron were quite good villains too. Jason and the Argonuats is good, but I’d rank it along with the likes of Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. Good flick, but not a fantasy classic.

  4. That’s it the end of civilisation as we know it McG picked the best film! I have to say McD put up a better argument though, you nearly had me convinced.

  5. Stay strong Andy, and stop giving McG your pity votes.

  6. pity votes?
    its a pity you know nothing about movies
    (that sentence may be directed at either of the above two commenters)

  7. Sorry Ross, Jason and the Argonauts is the better movie! He had to get it right one day.

  8. Captain Bill Says:

    Ah! But “Jason and the Argonauts” has a score by the great, and sorely missed, Bernard Herrmann.

  9. great call Captain Bill, I read that Herrmann reused bits from his previous hits, such as Psycho, and put them into Argonauts – you can definitely hear some pretty recognisable bits of movie music magic

  10. Captain Bill Says:

    Thanks Ross! Composers through history have recycled bits and sometimes whole chunks of their music but, hey, if it was good enough for Mozart, Beethoven, and even Korngold, it was OK for Herrmann, too.

  11. I’m a huge fan of Greek mythology. I’ve watched both these movies millions of times and love them both. But I gotta go with Jason and the Argonauts. It has some of the most epic music (scored by the great Bernard Herrmann), some of the most epic battles (with Talos, the Hydra and the skeletons), amazing special effects (my mind was absolutely boggled when I found out it was made as early as ’63), great acting and is just a great movie in every way.

    Clash of the Titans, as much as I love it I can’t necassarily say it’s as good a movie as Jason. There are some elements in the movie I find rather cheesy (Bubo, the mechanical owl and Thetis talking as a statue), not terrific acting and while yes, both movies get the real stories pretty wrong Clash has more recognizable mistakes. Everyone knows it was Athena who punished Medusa and NOT Aphrodite, and the Kraken didn’t play that big of a part in the real mythology as he does in the movie.

  12. No offense, Ross McG but most of your arguments are a little off.

    First of all, names are overrated. Jason and Perseus could swap their names (meaning Jason could be Perseus and Perseus could be Jason) and they would still be the exact same characters, just with different names.

    Also, the story of Jason was made up thousands of years ago, back when Jason was a “cool ancient Greek name”. In fact, I believe it was this very story that brought the name into prominence, thus making it as popular as it is and making it “the same name as the guy who lives down the street”.

    The scorpion’s tail stings would do nothing to the skeletons because they don’t have skin. Also, don’t forget that the skeletons are armed with swords and shields. If those things were enough for Perseus to slay the scorpions, it should be enough for the skeletons to do the same. Not to mention that Jason and his men cut off various limbs of the skeletons and they just kept rejuvenating themselves. And I don’t see how Jason jumping approximately 50-60 feet off a cliff makes him a “pussy”. Doing something like that could be very scary for most people and might even injure them (jumping on water from that high up is like jumping on concrete). And besides, for the longest time Jason was taking on three of the skeletons and was kicking their buts until the rest joined in and completely made it an even more unfair fight. Leading them off the cliff was the only way to defeat them.

    You can’t compare a ship to a horse. One’s an animal, the other’s a mode of transportation. Pegasus is more of a pet than a mode of transportation. And if you do compare them, then of course Pegasus is going to win. He’s a living creature, the Argo isn’t. That isn’t fair.

    Instead of pitting the Kraken with the Hydra and Talos with Medusa, you should of pit the two giants (Talos and the Kraken) together and pit the two serpent-like monsters with multiple heads (Hydra and Medusa) together. There are so much more similarities in those two match-ups than the ones you did. And besides, if anything the fact that Medusa turns enemies into stone and Talos is already a statue makes Talos the winner. Medusa’s stare doesn’t work on inanimate objects, which is what Talos is (just because he walks doesn’t make him living). Talos would crush her after her little “turn into stone” thing fails.

    Jason and the Argonauts isn’t “about a man in search of a shiny jumper”. Go watch the movie again. You’re just wording it to make it sound like a stupid movie

    Yes, I did post this before on the other page but I don’t think anybody saw it.

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