The Lost Boys v The Monster Squad

1987… U2 release The Joshua Tree. The Simpsons first appear on the Tracy Ullman Show. Nasa’s final deep space probe is launched by Captain Buck Rogers. But more importantly, two of the best ever monster gang movies are released. But which gang would kick the other’s ass? Click HERE or the scary picture above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club!


8 Responses to “The Lost Boys v The Monster Squad”

  1. Three words… “Wolfman’s got nards!”
    Sorry, McG but as usual I have to go with Mcd but this one is so close I could almost just call it a tie!
    Lost Boys reminds me… the one thing the Twilight franchise needs to be taken serious… mullets!

  2. The Lost Boys for me.

  3. LOST BOYS! For serious.

  4. Monster Squad. It’s like The Avengers of horror films.

  5. Lost Boys. If only for the joy of trying to figure out where Kiefer Sutherland left his dignity.

  6. That’s it you may as well close the site down for ever more. You pair have come full circle, the usually reliable McD has picked a crappy movie that wasn’t even good in the 80’s and has aged REALLY poorly. McG who can normally only be relied on to put up a valiant argument for an inferior movie picked The Lost Boys a movie that was great in the 80’s and is just as good today.

  7. aw, thanks Fandango
    if it makes you feel any better we wish you would shut down your site too

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to shut down, I enjoy reading what you have to say but when McD is picking crap movies and you good ones is there any more to say?

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